Seeing Your Blind Spots

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seeing your bling spots blog dre baldwin dreallday.comI am over-competitive. I can be harsh with my words at times. I am not very patient with adults. I do not much enjoy activities that are 100% for leisure (like hanging at the beach relaxing — funny since I live in a place that is quite sunny). I could fill a 24-hour day with various types of work. I do not enjoy small talk. I continually do my best to improve on these things; most important is that I know they exist.

We all have weaknesses and blind spots. Insecurities and fears. Emotional triggers that we try our best to keep hidden. A lot of us, or a lot of times, we actively ignore these things and pretend they don’t exist, often at the very moment when they are taking center stage.

The approach of the realist — which we can all be in our own way — is to actively consider these inefficiencies, if you will, and address them as best we can with our available resources. The more familiar we are with what we don’t have, the better we can zero in on covering that base. This doesn’t mean making something a crutch, but just knowing what the score is so we know how many points are necessary for winning the game…. Uh, there I go again.

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