Those Who Keep Seeking

In Mental Toughness
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Despite how some people want to make it seem, nobody has it all figured out.

We all hit the wall, question ourselves, worry that our plans may be complete trash, wonder why and how we got ourselves into this space of nothing-is-working.

What differentiates people — those who climb out of that mental space from those who seem to have permanent residency there — is whether or not you keep seeking.

Looking for — and trying — creative solutions.

Asking yourself the hard questions, having the courage to answer them, and the discipline to act on the answers.

Believing that you will make things the way you want them to be — even better, expecting things to get better.

Never resigning yourself to a “reality” that you don’t want.

As the saying goes, the journey of a thousand miles begins and end sight a single step. Every moment, phone call, and day is a brand new opportunity for us to write a new story for ourselves.

If you don’t like yesterday’s story, write a new one today. As long as you keep seeking a story that you like, you’re guaranteed to find one.