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Self-Help dre baldwin dreallday.comI was doing a Periscope stream the morning I wrote this and someone asked me one of those questions.

You know, the kind the asker probably already knows the answer to but they’re asking just because you solicited questions. These are the worst type of questions to receive. Which is why I don’t answer them.

I asked the asker what his suggestion was as an answer. I got asked another question and responded similarly. This is called the Socratic method – let the questioner figure out his own issues by asking the right Qs back to him.

Later in the stream someone commented (in how I perceived to be sarcastically), “so we’re supposed to figure out everything on our own in life?”

Um, yeah.

Just because someone offers to answer your question doesn’t mean they have the (right) answers. Or the answer that best applies to you — the person answering is speaking from their perspective. To try to apply what they say to your situation could prove unwise.

Being challenged to help yourself is a tough pill to swallow. Self-help ain’t easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it.