Self-Made Stop Signs: How You’re Getting In Your Own Way

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Self-Made Stop Signs dre baldwin dreallday.comIn Miami, there are a lot of “Yield for Pedestrians” signs in the streets. This means, if there is a person who is ready to cross the street on foot, you should stop your car to let them pass. If there isn’t a pedestrian in sight, however, you can cruise through this sign without stopping.

Another case is where there’s a right turn that creates a protected third lane (meaning, barriers ensure that no car could crash into you), adding to the two lanes already in existence. There are no signs at all at this turning point. No stop, no yield.

I see drivers stop all the time in these cases when there is no stop sign and no reason to stop. It doesn’t annoy me (most of the time), but it makes me think of how it’s a metaphor for life. How often to do people stop themselves when there is no reason to stop? How often is there a clear path in front of you, yet you slow down and look around and use “being careful” as an excuse? Even worse, defend yourself tooth and nail when called out on it (aka getting a car horn blown at us)?

Yes — there is an inherent danger in driving a car. Anything you could possibly do has some form of possible danger, if you want to look at it that way. Where will you ever get in life if the possible danger holds you back?

You are far more likely to stop short than you are of going too far. The problem is people allow that one time they went too far to make them timid for the next 1,000 situations. What about the 1,000,000 times you didn’t go far enough?

Don’t create stop signs for yourself.