Self Starting: Taking Some Time To Warm Up

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Self starting dre baldwinHere’s an issue I sometimes have in pickup basketball: I usually need one game to get loose.

Not necessarily on the physical side, when I’ve taken time to do a full warmup (which takes 10-15 minutes). I mean, waking my mind up to the competition I’m in and the pace of how the game is being played.

A lot of times I pass a lot more in the first game and let teammates get theirs, hopefully “getting” enough for us to win that first game and stay on the court (when you lose in pickup basketball, you sit and wait; winners stay on the court until they lose) — then I do my thing from game #2-on.

A problem is when we lose that first game. Often that means having to sit and wait to play again, which is the bane of my basketball existence. Coming out firing in that first game has always been a challenge for me, since I want to kind of feel out the gameplay in that first run. Similar to how Floyd Mayweather can lose a couple early rounds of a boxing match, then dominate the later rounds as he figures out what he’s gonna do and how he needs to do it.

I don’t even see it as a negative thing (as long as we win that first one, of course, and my game always shows in full by the end of the day, every time) but I wonder why I seem to always play this way.

I think it’s the set-em-up mentality I have: let you feel you actually have a chance at winning by not showing my hand early, then crushing you when it’s time to get serious. I’m like that on and off the court, actually. I look at people who come out with their full bag of tricks in the opening games (or rounds, to further the boxing analogy) and wonder how differently they’re wired from me.

No real closing point to this post. Just as interesting observation into my person and player mentality.

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