Why The Selfie Camera Is So Important For Your Brand

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I know a girl whose job takes her to a lot of places around the globe. 

She travels to interesting locations on every continent for work. She’ll be on these trips for weeks at a time. She posts photos of the places she’s gone and the places, many of which I’ve never been to myself, look great. 

One day this girl mentioned to me that she would love to quit her job and become a travel blogger/influencer. 

She likes the experience she’s had traveling to places with her job, and she sees how people always respond to her travel photos on social media much more than her everyday, personal stuff. 

I like the idea of being a travel blogger (not for me — for her). If you like traveling and you like taking pics and talking about it and sharing your experiences, why not give it a shot? 

I haven’t talked to her about her travel blogging idea ever since that first time she mentioned it. But I have seen her posts when she’s on the go. This girl and her ideas have one glaring issue. 

She never uses the selfie camera. 

Why The Selfie Camera Is So Important For Your Brand dre baldwin dreallday.com

Every photo she posts are of the sights and sounds and monuments and food and plane rides and all the… objects she encounters while on the road. 

While those are great to see, these will NEVER build a brand and they won’t get anyone to ever read a blog or watch a video of hers. 

I can see pictures of Milan, Paris, and Tokyo on Google. 

The only thing that would compel me to follow a travel blogger or influencer who’s out seeing the world is not the photos or the food or the famous museums. 

It’s the PERSON. 

The #1 key element of building a personal brand is… PERSONALITY. Not your knowledge or your experiences or where you’ve been or how good you are at XXXXXXX. 

People buy into people. 

We follow personalities. Thus, we need to hear you and see you to connect with you. 

It would be cool if I took a trip around the globe and visited Sydney, Moscow, Monte Carlo, Frankfurt, and wherever else all in one shot. I’d probably take a ton of photos. But those photos would do nothing for you, watching it through your smartphone — you’d probably stop checking in after a while, if all I had to offer was photos of the great paces I was seeing with no personal context. 

What would make you follow along, then? What would interest you in my trip? 

That would be me taking you on the trip WITH me. 

I don’t mean buying you a plane ticket and hotel rooms. 

I mean, if I shared with you what I’m doing, where I’m going, how I’m feeling, what I think about what’s going on, what makes it interesting, and everything else through my personal lens. THAT’S what we follow people for. 

If I want to know what’s happening, I can watch the news. I follow you to know how YOU see it. 

I created a MasterClass on personal branding that goes straight into this concept; it’s about putting your personal touch all over what you do when your aim is getting people to connect with you. You can get the MasterClass here: http://WorkOnMyGame.com/878 


-Dre Baldwin

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