She Knew The Deal. I Knew The Deal. #YOLO

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She was from Detroit. 

I was on the up escalator to my gym in South Beach. She was on the down escalator from the hotel lobby. We made eye contact and she immediately let me know she was interested. 

I went back down the escalator. 

It was her, her girlfriend, her girlfriend’s teen daughter and another teen friend in Miami for the week. She was 7-8 years older than me, with a very curvy body. She had a husband and kids back home. 

I was in a relationship too. Both of us knew the deal. We never talked about it. 

I don’t regret it. To me, it wasn’t wrong at the time. I knew exactly what I was doing. 

What’s interesting is, there were other times when this same thing could’ve happened… and I didn’t do it. I’m more mad at myself for those what-ifs than I am for the impulses I actually acted upon. 

I don’t know if my female readers can understand this mentality. But I know for sure that the men do. 

Life is a series of choices. Most people contemplate things that they never do. My outlook: You’re better off doing it and regretting a mistake than doing nothing and always wondering what might’ve been. 

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