Shedding Weight: You Don’t Need As Much As You Think You Do

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Shedding Weight: You Don't Need As Much As You Think You Do - Dre BaldwinI’m writing this as I pull up into the parking lot of the gym.  As I pulled in, I pressed the button on my Nike Fuel Band to see what time it was, and the band didn’t respond. I know the band is charged because I left it plugged in all last night. There is nothing I can do about it (save for pressing the button about 15 more times since that initial pressing) until I get home and can plug it into my computer again.

I like having the Fuel Band when I’m working out since it gives me a quick way to check the time. But I’m not turning around and going home due to it not working. I’ll somehow get through my workout without it. And if Fuel Bands ceased to exist, I’d still manage to find my way to the gym on a regular basis.

This is a small example to illustrate a larger point: most of the things we carry with us — physical and mental — don’t matter as much as we make them matter. And most of the stuff we hold onto — ideas, things, even people — we will still handle our business and wake up tomorrow without them.

The real essentials of life are very few. You will still be you, with or without them. They don’t own you, you own them. The power is yours.

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