Shooting Workouts & Drills

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Get the Shooting Hoop Handbook when you’re ready for a workout program straight from my sessions. 

The only goal of offense is to put the ball in the basket. The more efficiently you can do this, the better. Use these shooting tips & guides to your own benefit.

Tutorial on Shooting in General and my Technique:

The Pullup Jumpshot:

The Signature DreAllDay Pullup:

Floaters (2 Tutorials):

Shooting With Elevation, at Your Highest Point:

Ball Rotation off Your Fingers:

Free Throws:

The Stepback Move:


The Shot Fake:

The “Hands-Up” / Dribbling Shot Fake Move:

Hand Placement on ball for Shooting:

One Step, One Hand Shooting Drill:

Short “Touch” Shooting Drill:

Moving Shooting Drill:








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