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1) Live hands-on training from Dre Baldwin which lets you Create Products And Services From Your Knowledge And Sell Them To Paying Clients — which means you will make money off of your own experience and expertise

2) Learn how to build your audience organically so you’re able to have an ever-growing list of prospects and clients who want to buy from you — which means you can continue to expand your business without having to pay to get anyone’s attention

3) Credibility Builder System Training so you’re able to learn how to make yourself known in your field so you’ll make your prospects sit up, shut up and listen to you — even if they never heard of you before today.

4) Know How To Multiply Your Presence And Value which helps you have multiple ways and formats with which you can serve your clients — which means you will get your knowledge out of your head and “on paper” in the form of content and products that will increase your reach exponentially

5) Build Credibility By Association which helps you get in front of audiences quickly with a little-known strategy for supercharging your audience that works FAST — which means you won’t have to build your entire audience from scratch! You can leverage the attention that others have already created

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