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It’s 2012. This is my year to make a serious run at an NBA Training Camp. Sign the petition below and us the hashtag #SignDreBaldwin in your Tweets and Facebook updates.


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  1. Dre. My name is michael scott. i am a junior at new manchester high school in georgia. i did not get picked up on my schools varsity team and i know i have the talent, heart, and drive to make my basketball dream a reality. i just turned 17 and i feel DESPARATE! please let me know of anything that can help me!!! You inspire me to better my game every day. i hope you make it . i know you will.

  2. yo dre in your ultimate athlete handbook there is a workout called “straight leg dead lifts” . I don’t have access to a gym so i do it without weights ?

      • haha thank god the handbook doesn’t involve weights , I finished the first day of the handball and man was i raped! Thanks for the program.

  3. hey dre, quick question, im very athletic how do i use my athleticism to score easier at the basket when my jump shots not working? thanks.

  4. man all i want is to jump higher and higher i am from india and i like all the videos u post man they are awsm and they really works

  5. Dre, what’s up man, I love your videos man your determination and hard work IS up there with the greatest. I’m only 15 and you’ve taken my game to the next level, and one day I hope to be just as, or even better than you man.

    Can I come live with you… homo LOL

  6. man dre, u inspire me so much u have changed my whole view on the game and made a hardworking person, ur the best.

  7. thank you so much dre, your videos have helped me step up my game from just someone who liked basbetball to actually playing for a team.your an insparition man ha, i hope you all the best in getting to the nba

  8. thanks Dre without your videos on on 3 point shooting i wouldn’t make those clutch shots i try to make…. and you’ve been a great motivator i been telling my peeps about you…i hope you make the nba.

  9. True dre your ready for that step towards the NBA. Just do me a fav keep the sabbath day holy fri sun-set to saturday sunset and if it is GOD will to use your talents in this matter it will glorfy him, learned that from my gf she is always saying the most improtant thing is to glory GOD and He’ll open the heavens with all good gifts. Isaiah55:8-9, Malachi 3:10, matt 18:19, Exodus 20:8 and genesis 2:2 also rev 14:12. Go multipy those talents in the proper way ok

  10. I’ve admired your operation from the start.. I wish you success on this next phase..

  11. Dre, I’m just a freshmen and all of your training videos have got me doing stuff that no senior in my high school would even dream of doing. And I’m grabbing rim because of you. You are one of the smartest basketball players out there and I guarantee you’ll make it to the pros. Thank you for everything. Oh, and as soon as you’re Jersey comes out I’ll be the first to buy it

  12. Dre…u have changed the life and thinking of many basketball players…NBA need talent, motivator and leader like u…all the best!!

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