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It’s 2012. This is my year to make a serious run at an NBA Training Camp. Sign the petition below and us the hashtag #SignDreBaldwin in your Tweets and Facebook updates.


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  1. Dre. My name is michael scott. i am a junior at new manchester high school in georgia. i did not get picked up on my schools varsity team and i know i have the talent, heart, and drive to make my basketball dream a reality. i just turned 17 and i feel DESPARATE! please let me know of anything that can help me!!! You inspire me to better my game every day. i hope you make it . i know you will.

  2. yo dre in your ultimate athlete handbook there is a workout called “straight leg dead lifts” . I don’t have access to a gym so i do it without weights ?

      • haha thank god the handbook doesn’t involve weights , I finished the first day of the handball and man was i raped! Thanks for the program.

  3. hey dre, quick question, im very athletic how do i use my athleticism to score easier at the basket when my jump shots not working? thanks.

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