Silent Minority: When The Group Doesn’t Agree With You, You’re On To Something

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Silent Minority: When The Group Doesn't Agree With You, You're On To Something  - Dre BaldwinThere may come a time (or times) when a bunch of people disagree with you, leaving you all alone in your opinion. Shallow people in that opposing group will announce that you’re wrong simply because of the majority against your opinion.

We know that this is factually false — all of humanity could agree on some facet of life and it is still merely an opinion. Opinions don’t have a right or wrong, and they can be changed. Facts are black and white and, unless circumstances change — “the traffic light is green” / “the traffic light is red” — the facts do not.

You’ll come across a lot of shallow people, though, who don’t grasp this principle. They will hold to their, “the-minority-is-wrong” thought pattern because it’s all they know. To them, agreeing with the group is right, being one of the few who doesn’t follow he crowd is wrong.

If you haven’t noticed, there’s a simple word we have for these types: Followers.

When you decide to go a route that is not often traveled, most people won’t understand. Some will actively oppose you. Always keep in mind the principle of the Silent Minority — the majority shouts you down because they feel strength in their numbers (most people live their entire lives only feeling “right” when they’re doing the same as everyone else). If you’re going to make a significant difference, a lot of your work will be done in silence, solitude and with a big group deeming you “wrong” for even thinking it.

When your point is proven, they’ll quiet down.