Silent Minority: Most Of Your Fans Will Remain Anonymous

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Silent Minority - Dre Baldwin

You never know who’s watching you.

If you’re online, 90% of your fans will never leave a comment or tweet you or email you. But they’re listening to what you’re saying, buying your stuff, and rooting for you. You and 90% of your followers will never meet or speak. But they are watching, closely.

Your loud, always-commenting fans matter too — they drive the conversation — but remember that they are the very small (and vocal) minority. Most people are much more comfortable just watching and saying nothing.

The person who can make your biggest goals happen is watching what you’re doing right now.  They are deciding if you’re worth the time, or the money, or the energy investment. You don’t even know that they’re watching — you’ll never know who they are, until/unless they want you to — but your actions are determining what happens next.

It’s the ones who don’t say much — just quietly observing you — who will move the needle the most. Step away from the noise and remember that.



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