A Simple Goal-Setting Formula

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You want a lot of success, rght? Good. If not, this post isnt for you. Read the next one.

IF youre still reading, here it is:

Find The Most Successful Person You Know (TMSPYK) and multiplty their success by 10. Then double that. The result = You New Goals.

Shorthand: TMSPYK X 10 X 2

Why? Why this formula?

Well, TMSPYK is already the highest level of success you’ve been around. So if you aim to be ten times more successful and twice that, even if/when you come up 50% short you’re 10x more successful that anyone you’ve ever known. You can also do this by swapping out TMSPYK for anyone you choose — just make sure your swap-outs always go up and never down.

And, TMSPYK will be constantly changing; change your formula with it. Which essentially means you’ll never get there. But would you rather come up short of this (TMSPYK X 10 X 2) or the goals you had before you read this?

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