Skill: Don’t Show Up Without It

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Yes – Persistence is required. Of course, Confidence is a key. You must be Mentally Tough enough to withstand the setbacks. While doing all of this, don’t forget the foundation these come from: SKILLS.

You need high-level ability in order to create high-level opportunities. There are too many people who have no skill seeking, wondering and complaining about opportunities they can’t seem to get.

A persistent Bum should ask himself why no one is interested.
If you’re Confident with no game, you might fool yourself into believing you don’t need to get better.

Skills require an investment: Of time, focus, energy and maybe more. If you have not paid this price you don’t deserve sh*t.

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Be honest with yourself about it. You can lie to Instagram; don’t lie to the mirror.

Skills are self-evident. When you have Game, people will take notice. When you are what someone needs, they will start coming to you.

Yes — make yourself known.
Yes — create attention when you need it.

Just be damn sure that what you’re selling is even worth buying.