Slim Snarky: I’m Growing As A Person 

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Slim Snarky: I'm Growing As A Person | Dre BaldwinI woke up this morning and read a snarky, smarmy email from someone I used to do business with.

You ever have someone say/write something to you and you mind begins spinning — not out of confusion but because there are too many ways to respond to it? It’s like walking into a candy store, just so many juicy counterattack options. I’m good at those.

BUT, I’m proud to report that I responded — a difference from reacted — very calmly and neutrally to the email and let it go. That’s a step forward from how I might’ve handled things two (years, months, weeks) ago.

My favorite author Robert Greene advised me that any time you react to another person — even just to argue with them or verbally shut them down — you open yourself to their influence. And you know what Jay-Z said about arguing with fools.

Shout out to Napoleon Hill.