Slipstream Time Hacking by Benjamin P. Hardy (@benjaminphardy) [Book Review]

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“Despite the exploration of complex ideas, the premise of this book is actually quite simple: The faster someone moves toward a desired destination, the slower time moves for them. The goal of this book is direct: To compress the highest quality and meaning of life into the time each person has to live.”

Ben’s aim in this book is about fulfillment and happiness — not so much the productivity and urgency my pull quote may suggest. While I was seeking the latter, Slipstream is still a useful book for those who are after meaningfulness, fulfillment and quality of life.


Ben introduces the point that certain actions and ways of doing things can serve as Slipstreams, a version of a fast-forward button for our lives. This is very true, and the most valuable takeaway from the book.

You Should Read Slipstream Time Hacking IF: You want to add another brick to the maximizing-your-time-in-life house you’re building.