Someone Knows More Than You. Shut Up And Listen

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Check It Out

I don’t watch TV. But if I check out a show, it’s either Shark Tank or The Profit, where this guy names Marcus Lemonis comes into a failing business and helps it get back to making money.

Or at least, Marcus tries to help struggling businesses get back in the black. The times he’s unsuccessful in doing so, it’s usually because the business owners are too resistant to change and being helped (when Marcus only shows up when someone in the business reached out to him in the first place).

Many people, away from the TV camera crew, live their entire lives in the same state these resistant business owners are in during the show.

When someone who knows more than you is sitting or standing in front of you, you have one job: Shut the hell up.

The only time, the only time, you speak is 1) when you’re asked a direct question whose answer  will allow this person to give you more specific information and 2) you’re asking a question that will lead to his person to talking and sharing even more with you.