Something You Can Feel

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Something You Can Feel | Dre BaldwinInformation is everywhere today; most of it is free to access and at the most will cost you the price of a book (<$20). So if a lack of information is stopping you from your goals, you just need to look a little harder and apply what you find. Or simply stop being lazy.

But information alone isn’t the key to achievement.

So even though you can easily access tons of information, you need a little bit more. Have you ever shared something with someone that made complete sense, yet they still resisted to take the action you wanted them to take (buy your product/service, date you, go to the gym)? The information was right there, though!

People take action not only on information, but on feeling. Emotions. Many times, emotion alone is enough to move someone to action, without any information. Think dancing to your favorite music. It’s not the words that make you dance — it’s the feelings the beat and melody gives you. Take the beat away and just leave the words — the song isn’t a song anymore.

So if your information is thorough but still not moving people to action, give them something they can feel.

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