“What Should I Do?” Something.

January 26, 2015 “What Should I Do?” Something.

"What Should I Do?" Something. - Dre BaldwinAll the while you’re asking this question, waiting on someone to tell you what to do, or, in the more constructive sounding ways I hear it — “point [you] in the right direction” or “give [you] some advice” — someone else is already out there taking action. You should be doing what you’re merely thinking and talking about; making mistakes, gaining experience and creating value in the process (past mistakes you made are valuable to those who will follow you!).

All while you’re waiting for the perfect plan, thinking about, asking just one more question, being “interested”… And doing nothing.

From the Bench To Basketball Pro in 5 Years?


Started playing at age 14. Only played one year of varsity basketball - and sat the bench. Walked on in college and played NCAA D3. Then I signed my first professional basketball contract at age 23, starting a 9-year pro basketball journey.

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