Dre Baldwin:

Pro Basketball Player 

Personal Branding pioneer 

daily content creator

Keynote Topics

Work On Your Game:
The Pro Athlete Mindset Applied To Business

Dre “DreAllDay” Baldwin started playing basketball at age 14. Didn’t make his high school team until his senior year — and spent that season on the bench.

5 years after his final high school game, which he watched from a great seat on the bench, Dre signed his first professional basketball contract, beginning a 9-year career.

Around that same time, Dre published his first of over 7,000+ videos and created the "Work On Your Game" brand that is synonymous with the highest level of the Mental Game.

In this engaging and inspiring keynote, you will learn the Mental Game keys Dre learned to go from a benchwarmer to a professional that apply at work, in the gym and in life.

Learning Objectives

  • • Creating Your Own Luck Via "The Third Day"
  • • Catching Up To — And Getting Past — The Competition via “Separation Days"
  • • Becoming "Super You" to Unlock Your Highest Level Of Confidence
  • • Preparing Like The Top 1% of Achievers
  • • Conditioning Your Mind For Success

Own The Third Day:
Produce Your Best Results On Your Toughest Days

If you’ve ever joined a gym (or re-started your workouts), you know The Third Day.

Day One, you feel great. New gym clothes, new sneakers, a new trainer… new everything! It's  tough, but it’s fun to be back. Afterward you say to yourself, I’m DOING this!!!

Day Two brings some soreness, but now you have a streak going -- can't quit now! You drag yourself home and say, I’m DOING this!!

The Third Day, things are… different.  SEVERE mental and physical fatigue. You seriously consider quitting this whole getting-in-shape scheme (again).

The Third Day is when things are no longer new and exciting, but there’s still a job to be done — and you are responsible. 

The newness wears off eventually. Staying mentally “On” is a challenge. How do you maintain the momentum to finish strong?

In this engaging and empowering Keynote, 9-year professional athlete Dre Baldwin shares the Mental Game keys that activate you to do the work when you least feel like it. 

Learning Objectives

  • • Maximize Productivity on "Third Days"
  • • Leverage "Separation Days" To Distance Yourself From Competitors
  • • Unlock "Super You" -- Your Highest Level Of Confidence -- To Do Your Best Work
  • • Prepare To Perform Like The Top 1%
  • • Condition Yourself to Win Like the Champion Athlete

Work On Your Game The Book Dre Baldwin

Dre is perfect for:

anyone dealing with setbacks and Challenges as a regular part of the job: i've been there.

some People are great at what they do -- but They Couldn't explain their expertise in an Informative and Educational way if their lives depended on it. 

You've probably hired some of these mistakes

others are great at explaining and breaking Down what happened -- but They've never done any of What they talk about. 

we No longer need to analysts to explain the game: the players can speak for themselves. 

Rare is the Individual who both did It and can Explain it -- captivating an audience with their very presence, voice and content All at once. 

Dre Baldwin is that rare breed. Email [email protected] and bring dre to Your next event.

9 years of Pro Basketball 

personal branding and publishing pioneer 

Creating Content online since 2005

Key attribute: 

showing up and Doing The work, EVERY DAY

Dre "DreAllDay" Baldwin

Dre Baldwin is creator of The Third Day philosophy of professional discipline. A 9-year international professional basketball player, Dre has delivered to tens of millions of entrepreneurs, business professional and athletes for over  the last 15 years. Dre teaches how the Discipline, Confidence and Mental Toughness that made him a professional athlete apply both to the business world and in everyday life.

Dre has been blogging since 2005 and began publishing video to YouTube in 2006. He has created over 7,000 videos, with daily content going out to 134,000+ subscribers and being viewed over 44 million times. Dre's daily Work On Your Game Podcast has over 1,100 episodes and 2 million listeners to date.

Dre has given 4 TED Talks, and authored 22 books. Dre has appeared in national campaigns with Nike, Finish Line, Wendy's, Gatorade, Buick, Wilson Sports, STASH Investments and DIME magazine. A Philadelphia native and Penn State alum, Dre lives in Miami.

Professional Athlete. Author. Podcast Host. Internet Pioneer 

Kristin Brashares Digital & Social Media Marketing Manager

Most inspiring and empowering

Woah. One of the most inspiring and empowering kickoffs to a conference I’ve ever experienced. Thank you,

Jim Miller Senior Director

An immediate improvement

Been hearing compliments all day about your presentation. It really resonated with the audience. One of the attendees teaches dance part-time. She used some of your ideas at her class last night. It had to do with switching partners around. She actually saw an immediate improvement in one of her dancers. Thought you’d enjoy hearing this.

Best regards,

Michael Bartholow Search marketing professional

Hoops = Life

with the hoops = life keynote.

Peiqin Zhao Entreprenuer

Your powerful speech has really motivated me

I want to thank you for the opportunity to open my awareness and thank you for the motivation. In 2018 I just built my tea company in China here in the tea gardens of Wuyi mountain. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you. I still remember your powerful speech. It has really motivated me. Here I am and I would like yo say thank you.

Rachel Swires Executive Assistant/Recruiting Team Head

Motivation to press on and achieve even more success this year than the last

My boss heard Dre speak and was wowed by his perspective and enthusiasm for success. At the time of Dre's talk for our group, we were celebrating our company's top sellers. The challenge that faced us in that setting was motivation to press on and achieve even more success this year than the last. His words were impactful to the level that a worker in the venue where Dre was speaking to us actually came up to him later and thanked him, stating that Dre spoke on exactly what he needed to hear that night. Dre was very professional and even stood in for photos and autographs after his speaking time was finished.

Kristy Gillentine VP, Communications Consultant, Journalist

Make the decision

There’s no such thing as “fake it til you make it.” As soon as you make the decision to be something other than you’ve been up to this point, it becomes 100% real. - ,

Vanessa Cabrera Speaker

Killed It as Opening Keynote

killed it at the opening keynote. He's kinda tall ?

Roy Pitta

The most inspiring words I’ve heard in many years

Uttered the most inspiring words I’ve heard in many years, and I think that conversation was what I needed to get off my ass & do what I’ve thought of for years - but just haven’t done. Time for me to ignore the naysayers...

Melissa Meidinger Professor

The students were talking abut your talk ALL DAY TODAY!!!!

Thank you!!!!!! You were amazing!!!! The students were talking abut your talk ALL DAY TODAY!!!!

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