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Give Your Audience More Than Motivation…

Dre Baldwin has a personal and engaging message that’s deeper than playing sports. And he has proven its value.

Dre Baldwin Facts

  • 9-year professional basketball player in 8 countries 
  • Author of 22 books, including Work On Your Game: Using The Pro Athlete Mindset To Dominate In Sports, Business and Life [February 22, 2019]
  • Created the “Athlete Workout Video” genre in 2006
  • 4 TEDxTalks 
  • Podcast: 1,000+ episodes, 1.3 Million listeners
  • 2-time Marathoner 

Does Your Audience Have These Challenges?

  • Growing personally and professionally in the positions they’re currently in
  • Handling Change that’s happening — and happening fast — smoothly and seamlessly
  • Keeping everyone Engaged, Energized and Motivated — without the rah-rah brand of motivation you’ve heard before
  • Embracing The Discipline that the work requires — and maybe even… looking forward to it

… Then, you’re looking for Dre Baldwin.

The Third Day: You’re a Pro — Show up and Prove It. Details >>>

Work On Your Game: The Pro Athlete’s Mentality — Applied In The Business World. Details >>>

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