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Own The Third Day: Produce Your Best Results On Your Toughest Days

If you’ve ever joined a gym or re-started your workouts, you know The Third Day.

Day One, you feel great. New gym clothes, new sneakers to break in, a new trainer… new everything! The workout is tough — you’re not in shape, remember? — but it’s fun to be back and doing something new. You drag yourself to the bathroom mirror and say to yourself, I’m DOING this!

Day Two brings some soreness, your body reminding you how long it’s been since it worked this hard. The workout kicks your butt, but you’re still excited about this new experience; it’s only the second day after all. You drag yourself home and say to yourself, I’m DOING this!

On The Third Day, things are… different. You snooze the alarm a time or two. Getting out of bed sounds like you’re making a bag of microwave popcorn. You don’t want to hear your trainer’s mouth. You seriously considering quitting this whole getting-in-shape scheme; you’re still within the 10-day cancellation period.

The Third Day is that situation where it’s no longer new and exciting, but there’s still a job to be done — and you are responsible. Mastering The Third Day is about the discipline to show up and do that job, regardless of how you’re feeling. The Third Day is remembering that you’re a professional — then, showing up and proving it.

The newness wears off eventually. It’s not as exciting as it used to be. Staying mentally “On” is a challenge. How do you keep the momentum to finish strong?

It comes down to that dirty word that we want to avoid: Discipline.

In this engaging and empowering Keynote, 9-year professional basketball player and #1 content publisher Dre Baldwin shares the Mental Game keys that activate you to do the work when you least feel like it. You will learn what you Action Triggers are and how to get yourself active when you least feel like it.

Learning Objectives

  • Maximize Productivity on “Third Days”
  • Leverage “Separation Days” To Distance Yourself From Competitors
  • Unlock “Super You” — Your Highest Level Of Confidence — To Do Your Best Work
  • Prepare To Perform Like The Top 1%
  • Condition Yourself to Win Like the Champion Athlete

On The First Day of the job It’s New. The Second Day? Still Exciting.
Where do you find the energy to deliver on The Third Day, when the newness has worn off?  

The Third Day

Work On Your Game: The Pro Athlete Mindset Applied To Business

Dre “DreAllDay” Baldwin started playing basketball at age 14. Didn’t make his high school team until his senior year — and spent that season on the bench.

5 years after his final high school game, which he watched from a great seat on the bench, Dre signed his first professional basketball contract, beginning a 9-year career. Around that same time, Dre published his first of over 7,000+ videos and created the “Work On Your Game” brand that is synonymous with the highest level of the Mental Game.

In this engaging and inspiring keynote, you will learn the Mental Game keys Dre learned to go from a benchwarmer to a professional that apply at work, in the gym and in life.

Learning Objectives

  • Creating Your Own Luck Via “The 3rd Day”
  • Becoming “Super You” to Unlock Your Highest Level Of Confidence
  • Mental Conditioning: The 1×1 Philosophy For Beating Any Challenge
  • The 5 Attributes Of The True Professional
  • Work On Your Game: The Game Is Bigger Than You Think It Is

The Discipline To Show Up. Creating Separation From Your Competition. The Confidence To Put Yourself Out There. The Professionalism To Prepare. The Mental Toughness To Deliver In The Clutch.

Everything An Athlete Needs To Win A Game, The Everyday Professional Needs To Win In Business

Work On Your Game

Transition Game: From Professional Athlete to Business Professional

Contrary to what you may see, not every former athlete wants to be a coach, trainer or TV analyst. Many athletes want to enter the business world, leveraging the skills developed on the court, field, and track.Dre Baldwin, a 9-year professional basketball player and full-time entrepreneur, shares the essential principles every athlete needs to make the sport-to-business move smoothly.

Learning Objectives

  • How to decide what you’re best suited for in your life’s next chapter
  • The 5 must-have “athletic” skills that every business values
  • Framing your experience: how to walk away in strength from the game with your head high
  • The “Best” Of Your Life: why what you’ve done to this point is just the beginning of your success story

Strength In Numbers Team Building: The Right Pieces, In All The Right Places

Every historically great sports team is built on the foundation of a strong, cohesive unit. All the right pieces, all in the right places. Everyone knowing, embracing and playing their roles. And the group objective is always above the individual.Businesses teams need to be structured the same way. Everyone buying in, sacrificing for the greater good and helping where and when help is needed.In this revealing and engaging keynote, professional athlete Dre Baldwin will share what great teams are made of.

Learning Objectives

  • Setting an example for your team that not only raises their level, but which they believe they can reach and maintain
  • 5 Skills Of The Conductor: optimum placing of people for maximum effectiveness
  • Multiplicity: Cultivating leaders who aim to not need you
  • The Process: getting your team to buy in to the steps that guarantee continuous progress
  • Why highly talented teams can lose and averge talent teams can win it all

The Center Of Gravity Leadership: Pulling The Team Up With You

In sports, there are a few special players who always want to take the big shot. The higher the stakes, the more these players want the ball. Every championship team needs this player for the big moments. And for this special player, EVERY moment is a big moment.Business is the same way. Great leaders live for these moments when they can deliver the miracle. A big play needs to be made, time is running out, and everyone is looking at YOU to make it.In this high-powered, motivational session, professional athlete Dre Baldwin shares the leadership principles every strong leader brings to work.

Learning Objectives

  • How To Relax And Settle Your Team When Tension Is Thick And Stakes Are High
  • Starting With #1: Leading Yourself First, Drawing Your Followers
  • The Bugle Boy Of Success: Steel Your Mind For Victory
  • “I Got This:” Flexing Your Decision-Making Muscle When It’s Most Needed

Motivation Is For Amateurs: What REALLY Drives Those Who Always Get It Done

If you’re a professional, Motivation is not what you need.Motivation is merely a temporary (an hour, 3 weeks, a year) driver to action. Like hot water without a heat source, Motivation eventually cools off and must be re-heated. Since we get used to stimuli after multiple exposures to it, motivations must be updated and varied to keep our attention. And when we’re not motivated, we turn in half-assed work, if we work at all.Amateurs cannot be depended on to always show up and do their job. Amateurs need libraries of motivational material just to get going every day, similar to how some people “can’t function” without a shot of caffeine in the mornings.You can’t run a business with amateurs at the helm. Actually, you probably wouldn’t even have a business to begin with.In this eye-opening and mind-shifting Keynote session, 9-year professional athlete Dre Baldwin shares the real tool of real professionals.

Learning Objectives

  • How To Be A True Professional And Not A Bench-Warmer Or Practice Player
  • Drawing On Inspiration The Very Moment You Need It
  • Discipline Cleaning Up The Dirty Word That Makes A Pro A Pro
  • Motivation: Why Amateurs Depend On It And Remain Amateurs


Keynote: Midwest Digital Marketing Conference

Dre opens MDMC with the energy the 1,700 attendees needed to kick off the 2-day event. From St. Louis, MO.

Keynote: Maryland Health Human Resources Administration [MHHRA]

Dre shares the Mental Game principles he learned in sports with Health and Human Resources professionals as the Afternoon Keynote in Baltimore, MD.

Work On Your Game: Applying The Pro Athlete Mindset to Business [ATD Annual Leadership Conference]

The Pro Athlete mindset principles of Mental Toughness, Confidence & Discipline are’t just for point guards, first baseman and quarterbacks. Dre explains how these principles apply to the world of the business professional from Atlanta, GA.

Dear Dre…How to Be Confident When You’re Not

You’ve heard of the saying “Fake It ‘Til You Make It?” Dre tells us why there is no such thing and how to harness the best version of ourselves in his top-rated TED talk from Miami, FL.

Too Much Confidence Is NOT Your Problem

Confidence is great, yes, but you don’t want to have too much. Keep it under control. Don’t take things too far…” Says the loser.
At TEDxUNLV, Dre tells you how to blow the lid off of your confidence once and for all in Las Vegas, NV.

Workshop: Principles of Personal Leadership

A pre-conference “Power Session” at the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration [ASHHRA] in Seattle, WA.

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