Stand Out, Somehow

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Stand Out, Somehow dre baldwin dreallday.comAttention is the currency of today. Having it is gold. Not having it, you’re nobody.

And 90% of what you’re doing is being done by many other people. No reason for someone to pay attention to you in particular.

Your job is to 1) Stand out, get attention and 2) Be good enough to hold that attention.

Without step 1, step 2 is moot.

How to do it? Well, that’s your job to figure out and execute. I have some raw ideas though.

You could do your thing louder than the rest. Or more often. Or least often. Or backwards. Or upside-down. Or in the worst way yku couple possibly imagine. Or exactly like they did it 50 years ago.

Bottom line is, something about you must stand out or you will be forgotten. Well actually, they have to know you in the first place to forget you.

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