“How Do I Start?” [Bad Questions Series]

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Start (v): cause (an event or process) to happen.

“I want to…

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How do I start?”

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Easy: Take the “I want to” out of the sentence. The stuff that’s left? Do it.

[shareable cite=”@DreAllDay”]Easy: Take the ‘I want to’ out of the sentence. The stuff that’s left? Do it.[/shareable]

Starting means to cause an event to happen. How do you cause things to happen? There is only one way, that I know of. That way is to do it yourself!

A business must have customers. So, go get one!

To play at a professional level, you must show that you can play, to someone who has the power to hire you. Find where they are and go play!

A website may not be as simple as the other two – so I laid it out for you.

How do I start is not a good question. The answer is in the question. If you were offered $1 Million dollars to come up with 5 ideas to get started, could you do it? So why aren’t you doing those ideas right now?

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