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If you’re like most of the people who read, watch or listen to me, you’re ambitious, goal-oriented and looking for the next edge that will take you to your next level. You may be an athlete, entrepreneur, business professional or student looking to find your calling and answer it. Either way, you recognize the power your Mental Game has over everything you accomplish, and you’re well aware of the value of Working On Your Game.

There’s just one problem: No matter how much information you take in – in the form of books, podcasts, blogs, videos – you keep running into the same challenges. And I’m glad you’re here, because I have a lot to share with you.

Do you deal with any of the following?

  • Raising your mental level on call when you need it
  • Consistency of discipline & mental toughness
  • Making your best mindset stick and become part of your daily being

I know how you feel. I’ve been this person and know how frustrating it is. I remember those days when I was ON FIRE and wondered, how can I bottle this energy up and sip just a little bit from it every day?! Compare that to the days where I felt powerless, uninspired and frustrated and couldn’t get anything done. I never could predict, day by day or week by week, which ME would show up.

Dre baldwin start page DreAllDay.comAs a professional athlete then and an entrepreneur now, my mindset is super-important to the level at which I do my work. And my results then were as up-and-down as my mental game.
As a person who has always had to earn his opportunities and successes in life, I knew this inconsistency wasn’t sustainable. And the answer wasn’t to just “fight through it.” The answer was to get intentional and strategic about the way I thought – about my circumstances, my relationships, my business, and especially about myself.

If you think anything like I think, you know what I did. I took action. I start looking at what was working for the people who already had what I wanted, in every area of life. Then I tried it on myself. I kept what worked and threw away what didn’t.

The result is my philosophy of Work On Your Game.

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