The Starting Point Of Earning More Money

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To earn more money, someone must either

A) Pay you more, or
B) Buy more of your stuff

For this to happen, people must see more value in what you offer. People will pay more for more of what they know they need.

For that to happen, your offer has to get better. And your offer – what you produce – can only get better if you’re better.

The Starting Point Of Earning More Money Dre Baldwin

Which means you must work on your game. But not your playing game or your writing game or your sales pitching game.

Many people equate work with action. Practicing, training, trying new things. And they’re right. But there’s other work I’m talking about here. The work you must start with is work on who you are more than what you do.


Because you’ve done a lot of activity already. And so does everyone else. More, more, more is the longest, most taxing road to achievement. And it still might not work. Know anyone who’s always working but their life never seems to improve?

The same amount of action, done better, gets the better result quicker. So let’s get out of the action rat race and onto the fast track.

You’re a reflection of your thoughts. So you’ll improve who you are by improving your thoughts. The way you think is derived from what you take in. I’ll focus here on what you hear and what you see.

Substitute an hour of TV with an hour of a book. Your driving entertainment can be a podcast instead of Pandora. These become have-tos, like sleeping and eating meals. Not things you do only when there’s nothing else to do.

An hour a day is 300+ hours in a year. Even if you stuck to the action treadmill, what could you put 300 hours into and not be at least somewhat better at?

300 hours of better inputs into your money-making mechanism. Shouldn’t you get paid back for that?