Status And Attitude

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Status And Attitude | Dre BaldwinWhen I was a freshman in college, our coach was going on an angry rant to the team in practice one day, during which he said, “You know, some of you walk around this campus like you OWN it. And you know what? You ain’t NOTHIN’!”

Well, I thought, which comes first?

I’ve written and talked about the Be-Do-Have principle. You become the person first, then do the things that person does, then you have what that person has.

My coach was wrong on this (and yes, he was talking about me — I don’t know who else was the target, if anyone). He was of the school of thought that you need to achieve things before you assumed the position and attitude of that achiever. Even though I don’t own the Penn State Abington campus, I was closer to it than the rest of the people in the gym that day because I had the attitude — I was BEing. He had it backwards.

Everyone wants to achieve things (DO) in life and BE that person who did stuff (HAVE). You don’t have to do it to act like it — you have to act like it to do it.