Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson (@WalterIsaacson) [Book Review]

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“My passion has been to build an enduing company where people were motivated to make great products.”

I took my time getting to Steve Jobs, mostly because of the massive length of this book (a Tony-Robbins-like 3,500 pages on iPhone). And the first half or so of the book wasn’t as compelling to me, as I have no idea or recall of the 70s and 80s computer culture. But once the biography’s calendar turned to the 1990s, reading become electric.

This is an incredible book.

Steve Jobs, if you don’t know, is the late founder of Apple — yeah the company that makes your phone and laptop and tablet and has those incredible stores. And this book dives into Steve’s life, which includes the ideas that led to the creation of all the above.

The best thing about Steve Jobs is the author’s great description of Steve Jobs. His personality quirks, his creation and management philosophies. The book clearly and honestly details Steve’s shortcomings as a person and, like all of us, how those same shortcomings contributed to his greatness.

Look, a review cannot do this book justice. Read it. You need to.

You Should Read Steve Jobs IF: You use Apple products in any capacity or care about technology. Read it if you want to see inside the mind of someone who created the richest and most valuable tech company on the planet. You want to be inspired to make better stuff yourself.