Stick To Your Guns: Don’t Allow Your Opinions To Be Shouted Down

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Stick To Your Guns - Dre BaldwinWhen you find yourself among a group where you’re the only one holding a certain opinion, vision, or way of doing things, you may be ridiculously wrong. You may be the weak link slowing everyone down. You may be the problem there.

You also may be onto something, and in need of a new group.

The above statements beg the question of: how would you know which one you are? There’s no black-and-white, this-or-that chart that will tell you accurately. When you’re a leader and your thoughts and ideas have you in the above-described position, though; you’ll know instinctively.

The fact that you’re the only one who feels the way you do (that realization that you’re made differently from the circle you’ve been around) is one way of telling you that you’re just not like the rest of them. Depending on your psychology, that could either frighten you or excite you. Either way, the way to make the most of that feeling is the same: Push that difference as far as it can go.

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