Still You: Situations Change, But People Are Who They Are

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Still You: Situations Change, But People Are Who They Are - Dre BaldwinWe all go through changes in life. Our physical location changes, we reach certain successes and achievements, we can even change our appearance temporarily or permanently. This is obvious in the people around you, if you consider someone you’ve known for a while.

But at our core, we don’t change as a person. Neither does anyone else.

We get better and better the older we get, at showing and concealing from the public what we want displayed and hidden (if we choose to). What this means is, it can become harder to decipher someone’s true self the more practice they have at it. Some people become even more open about their true selves as time goes on. No matter what is obvious, no one really changes.

Some will spend years or an entire lifetime running from who they know they are. They can’t accept who they are, and try harder and harder to be something they’re not. You can spot these people by their deep-seeded (not always obvious) unhappiness and that just-not-right feeling you get when observing them (if you’re good at observation).

Someone you know who has undergone a massive change is still that person. They may have chosen a new identity, new clothes, new friends and even talk differently. But the person you knew back then is still there, deep down. It may take some digging to tap into it.