Stop Signs And Red Lights

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Stop Signs And Red Lights  dre baldwin dreallday.comOnce Twice in college, I rolled through a stop sign without stopping, not knowing that a cop was sitting near the intersection waiting to catch someone rolling through a stop sign (once in Abington, once in Altoona). The second time, the cop came up to my window and asked me what I was supposed to do at a stop sign. I futility attempted to explain that I’d stopped.

I paid the citation on a payment plan.

Life throw stop signs at us. Setbacks. Failures. Bad days. Bad reviews. Missed sales. Some people mistake these stop signs for red lights.

Stop signs are temporary pauses that we voluntarily make, and then we keep going. The stop sign doesn’t tell you how long to sit there before you move on. Which means you can keep going as soon as you’re ready. You can even roll through it as if it’s not even there, if you like — just watch for cops.

If you work at a Toyota dealership and miss a sale, you can call the next prospect immediately. Stop sign.

Red lights are less forgiving. They are timed, and usually have opposing traffic going while you wait. Some even have cameras to catch you disobeying the rules. You have to wait at red lights. It’s in your best interest, for the most part. It gives you a chance to check your phone and change the music.

If you get fired from the Toyota dealership, you can’t go and sell a Toyota the next minute since you no longer work there. If you really want sell Toyotas, get hired at a different lot and sell them. There may be some time in between the firing and the hiring. Red light.

Most of the stuff that happens to us are stop signs: you can go again whenever you feel like it. The stop sign won’t tell on you. Don’t treat stop signs like red lights.

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