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You’ll read stories — lots of stories — as I have experienced a lot and have a really good memory for stuff. You will laugh, gasp, turn away, and reply at/to these emails (I read all replies). You will learn from them. You will craft your own lessons based on how you interpret what I share. You will come back to this page to make sure you get the latest. And you can subscribe and get all my emails sent directly to you here, and forgo needing this page at all. 

[*Newest Posts Are First*]

  1. The Vocabulary Story: “Ya Voy”
  2. The Gay Guy In The Gym Story: Addressing Things Directly
  3. The Expert Story: A Lot of Them Ain’t Sh*t
  4. The Cigar Ashes Story: She Put 6 Dents In My Damn Front Door
  5. The Grandma Story: We Weren’t Allowed To Ask Questions
  6. The Airport Conflict Story: Less Is More
  7. The Getting Money Story: Crime Paid Off For Me, And I Don’t Regret It
  8. The “Girl With Man Muscles” Story: Start Wit The First Step
  9. The TV Shoot Story: Waiting 3 Hours for 3 Minutes of Action?
  10. The “Put Me On Bruh!” Saga: Aint No Favors In The Pro Basketball Game
  11. The Blocked Shots Story: Who did you beat to get here?
  12. The 10-Step Plan: How To Play Overseas Right Now
  13. The Pickup Basketball Gym Story: Own Your Backyard
  14. The 27 Commandments for 2018
  15. The Telemarketing Story: I just could not stop laughing
  16. The Hesitation Story: I got robbed for $5 — it shoud’ve been $20
  17. The Famous Chick Story: It would’ve been wrong – and I should have done it anyway
  18. The Contract Story: How I Helped Bally Total Fitness Go Out of Business
  19. The Losing My Virginity Story: She Smiled/Laughed At Me
  20. The Asshole Chronicles/”Do You Need it NOW?!” Story: Yes, I need it now
  21. The Germany Story: How to get lucky and make anything happen
  22. The Parking Conflict Story: I still have ego problems