By Sunrise, All The Money Is Gone

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By Sunrise, All The Money Is Gone Dre Baldwin DreAllDay.comGet up early.

Early is defined as, before you need to based on your schedule + before sunrise. 

So if your schedule says you need to be awake at 8:30 AM to get to work on time, you still must meet the second “Early” requirement: before the sun rises.

But why? 

  1. Getting up early builds discipline. The discipline of doing things early. Getting tasks done before deadline. Not having to rush at the last minute.Oh – you’re a pressure performer? You do your best work when your back is against the wall?

    Why is that – do you skills miraculously get better when there’s only one day left to finish the job? No. You had those same skills 2 weeks ago. You just lack discipline. Now, get some.

  2. Most people won’t do this. Most people wake up when they need to be up, and not a minute sooner. Most people’s schedules are driven by their job or class schedule. And most people will forever be slave driven by their jobs, businesses and schools.Do you want to be like most people?
  3. All the money is off the table by sun-up. Look up the routines of the most successful people you know (of).What time do they wake up?

    I promise you: most of them get up early.

    They do it because they want to. They do it to build discipline. They do it to get things done early. And they have the success.

    This is not a coincidence.

  4. The sun shouldn’t be beating you to the day. I’m not telling you to forgo sleep. I’m telling you to go to bed earlier. You can watch the highlights of the game in the morning.
  5. It will feel great to be up, getting things done while the world is sleeping. This is how the best get ahead. Join us, there’s plenty of room.

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