Superman: You Cannot Always Do It All

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Superman - Dre Baldwin

It’s great to be the person who is always going, never resting, taking “No Days Off!!” and always finding the energy to move and shake. I’ve been that person and still am, at times.

But in due time we all learn that it’s ok to not be Superman every day.

Our minds and bodies — especially of those who are very active — benefit from rest. That change of pace, from doing it all non-stop to resting and sitting the fuck down for a while helps us more than it hurts. The real hurt for us when doing this is mostly psychological, when we feel like we are somehow cheating ourselves and cheating life by not going and going and going.

You’ve heard the phrase, “work smarter, not harder”? Well, this is it.

Even Superman turned back into Clark Kent after the work was done.