Take The House: Bet BIG to Win Big in Life

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Ocean’s 11 is my favorite movie (along wth Do The Right Thing). A group of 11 guys get together and rob a Las Vegas casino. Which, you can probably guess, is no easy job.

So naturally, Rusty (Brad Pitt) asks Danny (George Clooney), why is this “job” a good idea?

I mean, of all the places we could rob and all the stuff we could masterfully steal, Rusty reasons, why try one of the hardest and most dangerous targets of all?

Danny explains: we’re robbing a casino because it’s the only way to win BIG.

When people play at casinos, the house always takes you if you play long enough. And even those who come out on top never bet big enough to clean out the casino. The only way to win big, Danny explains, is to bet big on that one golden hand and finally, for once, take the house. THAT’S why we’re going after the casino.

What’s the money pot you’re aiming to win in life? Cash, prizes, material possessions? Attention, fame, love? What’s the big bet you’re willing to make on yourself to get it? [shareable cite=”@DreAllDay “]What’s the big bet you’re willing to make on yourself?[/shareable]

The good news for you:

  1. Your hands are not dealt by chance. Your golden hand is whatever you want it to be.
  2. You don’t have to risk your life and freedom robbing a casino to bet and win big.

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