Talk That Talk: The More You Do, The Less You Speak

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talk that talk dre baldwinTalk is cheap and easy. Anyone can say anything, at any time.

People recite unverifiable statistics, make up anything in the moment to win a debate, spout the first thing that comes to mind when they’re excited. Our words are the most developed tool of deception, both to ourselves and to others.

When you’re on your path to success, talk less.

You may have heard of “two ears, one mouth” — listen twice as much as you speak. When you talk, you’re sharing things about you — how you feel, what you think, what you (think you) know. When you listen, you learn. Your words are a gift, that you ration out sparingly. That’s why we value Christmas and birthdays — that one day when we receive gifts. Ever tried giving someone a gift every day? They’ll come to expect it, until it becomes routine, lowering its value. Everyone speaks all their lives; not everyone learns for their entire lives.

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