Tell Them What To Do: People Want To Be Given Directions. Give Them.

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Tell Them What To Do - Dre BaldwinYou’ve seen and heard people complain when they don’t have final say over how things happen. They decide, in a moment of defiance, that they want to call the shots for their own lives.

What they find out when they get that head-of-the-table seat, though, is that it is much more comfortable to take orders. Most people do not want responsibility.

Relieving oneself of responsibility gives a person room to blame someone or something outside of themselves, should things go wrong. People’s fear of criticism ranks quite high on the common fears list of humans (according to Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich).

Taking a leadership position isn’t hard to do, simply because no one wants to be in that line of criticism fire. You can easily be a leader as long as you aren’t afraid to stare down that barrel.