5 Ideas to Get Yourself Seen for Professional Basketball

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5 Ideas to Get Yourself Seen for Professional Basketball dre baldwin dreallday.comI’m an Idea Machine, in case you didn’t know. That’s who I produce so much content – blogs, books, videos, live streams, podcasts, speaking, TED Talks, etc. So here are ten ideas for you pro basketball career builders.

  1. Join a good recreational basketball league here you live (good = pro and college players are on the floor with and against you). Hire or ask someone to film you playing in these games. Play well. Chop the film up into highlight reels (highlight reel Non-Nos: Free throw shots. Background Music over 4% volume. You standing around during game breaks).
  2. Stack your money and sign up fo 3-4 pro exposure camps in the same summer. Train as if you love depended on it and go to all of them, filming EVERYTHING and making contacts as if you were being paid for every new name and number in your phone.
  3. Get into a Pro-Am league and match yourself up with the best players you can. Go at the HARD and then talk to them after the game re workouts, agents, ways to get on etc. They will give you valuable info if they respect your ability to play.
  4. Pick a country. Google “professional basketball teams” + that country’s name and email every single one of them with a personalized email (not copy-pasted) including a link to your video, name age, and location. Talk as if your know they’re interested. One paragraph. Nothing else in the email.
  5. Go play ball in different places from where you normally go so you can meet and be seen by other people. Make friends – one person could know the person who knows the person who knows the person who has the one nugget of info you need — but you’ll never get to that one person if you keep going to the same places and never explore new ways of doing things.

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