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See is an impressive young man. Looking forward to getting to know more about him and his mission. Great bite size podcast and he DOES IT EVERYDAY!


FAR more valuable than what a lot of people charge for...

I’ve only said the following about one other person (Stephanie Palmer, a movie-business coach): your free content is FAR more valuable than what a lot of people charge for. No-fluff, actionable shit. Salute.

Steven Burks

Thank you for your insight and step by step instructions

Thank you for your insight and step by step instructions. My 18 year old son is interested in playing basketball professionally and looking to go to his first scouting opportunity this year!

Sharon Nikol Beechum

Gets directly to the root of the issue & gives crystal clear instructions

His podcasts get directly to the root of the issue & gives crystal clear instructions for how to improve ANY situation or tackle ANY obstacle!!! His approach is extremely straight forward and spoken in a way anyone can understand!!!

Wife of a snorer

I was lacking confidence and your podcast made me literally on fire!

I’m really really excited! Cus Sunday I got tryouts for the basketball team. That means really much to me, I want to do it my life!But! I was lacking confidence and your podcast made me literally on fire! Today I shot 4/5 3-pointers. I worked for it, I invested in the training and there you go. Shout out to DreAllDay, Thank You!Greetings from Peter Moravec, Netherlands

Peter Moravec
Basketball Player

Your words woke me up

I thoroughly enjoyed today’s podcast. The fact that we all work so hard at doing everything in our power to convince others to do what we want is nothing more than wasted energy. Your words woke me up to focus on those in my life who don’t need convincing, they are already there.Together we share positive energy.Thanks for the insight.


Few make the case like you do

I just want to say that your are REALLY good at making the case for dropping all the analysis paralysis, and shaking the fear, and just doing wtf we wanna do, win lose or draw, and letting the chips fall where they fall, without whining. Nike says "Just Do It," and hell, a LOT of people say it, but few make the case like you do. Excellent work.

Steven Burks

Improve yourself personal development

Best podcast ever Dre all day helps improve yourself aka ur game every detail of your game


Truly genuine and realistic

Just wanted to reach out and say your words are truly genuine and realistic. Thanks for being real in an almost “fake” world. These are the types of motivations and truthfulness that need to be exposed. Thanks again

Eugene Joo

Dre is amazing

Been watching him forever . This man has helped me change my life with his advice and inspire me to become the best version of myself that I can be # WOYFG


Listened to it back to back

Love this one Dre, listened to it back to back to back and then once more later that day. Particularly liked near the end when you get goin on tending to the garden and keepin the “weeds” out!


I have applied your advice

Thanks for the advice and content. I have applied some of your advice and so far have added staff to my academy and turned over management of some aspects to them, freeing up hours during my week. I am also Head Coach for a HS Varsity Team now, with a strong staff to whom I have delegated responsibility as well. Thanks to your advice, I am able to deliver in both areas on the same amount of time I was allocating to just one task before.I guess I just needed to take that first step of faith. It’s getting easier and now I can see how I can continue to expand my capacity into more areas and involve/promote others at the same time.

Rob Pierson
Director, Shine Basketball Academy

Much gratitude!

Dre, please know how deeply honored I am by your kind post about John David Mann's and my book! WOW! Much gratitude!

Bob Burg

Will inspire you to play your best

WORK ON YOUR GAME will help you bring discipline, confidence, and fearlessness to your work whether you're in the boardroom, a start-up garage, or the sales office. It will show you where to put the work in to get the best results, when to take chances, and how to toughen up to meet daily challenges. Baldwin's story and advice will inspire you to play your best -- no matter what your game.

Daniel Pink
Best-Selling Author

Helped me build confidence and develop new skills

My name is Carson Riar and I am a 16 years old basketball player from Canada. I wanted to take the time to thank you for all the content you have produced and the valuable information you have shared with me and the rest of your audience. It has helped me build confidence and develop new skills in my game. I too have aspirations of playing professional basketball in Europe and I am working towards that goal everyday.Thank again and I look forward to listening to your upcoming podcasts.Keep it up Dre!!

Carson Riar

Great lessons

Man I wish I would’ve known about this podcast earlier. I was a talented soccer player in high school but never knew how to take losses or learn from my mistakes and how to improve on them. I only relayed on my talent to overcome obstacles. Now I’m using these teachings in the gym and hvac tech job, I feel like I’m improving and seeing results at everything I’m doing thanks man.


Looking forward to studying your books

Hello Dre,I’m glad I found your Podcast….I just orderedThe Bulletproof BundleI’m constantly reading books and I believe your books will be a nice addition to my Library. Looking forward to studying your books ?

Sam Khalil

... School's First D1 athlete from any sport... my appreciation for your help in making this possible

Hopefully this message shares my enthusiasm and thankfulness for your wisdom, compassion, and dedication to the importance of understanding self, situations, and opportunities passed along via your social media platform.Your messages and podcasts have provided an invaluable learning guide that cannot be found in any classroom. Books and lessons provided by teachers are focused on building the brain but your messages builds heart, character, and passion for seeking a better future and dealing with the pitfalls/challenges along the way.I would like to share that my daughter has made a verbal commitment to attend Long Island University playing softball. This accomplishment makes her MaST Community Charter High Schools first D1 athlete from any sport.Hopefully this note expresses my appreciation for your help in making this possible. Your positive message to needs to recognized and thanked. Anytime doubt, peer-pressure, or lack-of-confidence became an issue, a trip to her room or a quiet place in school was found to listen to your messages of inspiration. These quiet moments with you helped continue her push forward for what she wanted rather than settle for what the "group" or "friends" thought was right for her. As a father, I appreciate your help in dealing with the anchor of doubt and creating an escape to reinforce her commitment to excel academically and athletically.Thank you! Elmer Money

Elmer Money

Major Key

Need help with that mindset? Need to eliminate people in your life who are detrimental to you? Need to get identify losers in your life? Need daily motivation to be your best every day all day? If so this is the podcast for you. WOYG


Major Key

Need help with that mindset? Need to eliminate people in your life who are detrimental to you? Need to get identify losers in your life? Need daily motivation to be your best every day all day? If so this is the podcast for you. #WOYG


Your powerful speech has really motivated me

I want to thank you for the opportunity to open my awareness and thank you for the motivation. In 2018 I just built my tea company in China here in the tea gardens of Wuyi mountain. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you. I still remember your powerful speech. It has really motivated me. Here I am and I would like yo say thank you.

Peiqin Zhao

Bottom line- Dre helps me be better

He is a student of the game of life. His content is frequent. We all need daily seeds of positiveness. His style is also much better than others that are too much hype and just promoting their latest product. Thank you for your work.

BB in WI

Thank you for encouraging me to go further Dre you're a great man!

Yo Dre, I just wanted to send you this message to thank you for all the content you put out there man. You a very rare person without you I’d have gave up my projects a long time ago thank you for keep encouraging me to go further Dre you a great man! I’mma do everything to be someone as reliable as you


The most inspiring words I’ve heard in many years

Uttered the most inspiring words I’ve heard in many years, and I think that conversation was what I needed to get off my ass & do what I’ve thought of for years - but just haven’t done. Time for me to ignore the naysayers...

Roy Pitta

Top podcast for athletes but also for anyone who enjoys being challenged to do your best

I have been listening to leadership and motivational podcasts for years. I am an IT Manager and LOVE Dre all day!! I started listening for my young athletes - this is perfect content for girls and boys - my kids can relate and this is so much more powerful than me or dad, even if we would say the exact same thing. This is great content for the in athlete as well, he keeps it real and won't let you make excuses for not being the best and doing your best!One of the the BEST podcasts out there. I listen to at least 10-20 diff podcasts a week so... I am in a good position to judge this content and he is funny too!!Thanks Dre - appreciate you soooo much - thanks for keeping it real and relating to these kids in a way they can receive it!


Would Pay For This

THE best podcast when it comes to progressing forward in life and being the person you need to be. Any obstacle or problem you have Dre has covered it in an episode. #WOYG


A lack of words to describe this

The title of my review suggests its entertainment, but thats only due to a lack of words to describe this. This is simply essential listening; a tool that is to be sharpened everyday by Dre’s dedication. Helmed by the charismatic Dre All Day, “Work on your Game” is an audio podcast forged in the fires of intense integrity, excellence, and utter enthusiasm. Entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, entertainers, and all in-between will get an earnest, straightforward dose of confidence & energy. Its great to start off the day! Btw: he does one everyday! No lie! Every freakin day! Where does he get the energy and enthusiasm? This guy is more than a motivational speaker. Hes a motivational battery; an energy source of inspiration & passion for what you do best. But be warned... like a splash of cold water to the face, it will be cold & sobering, skipping the BS and making you take a cold hard look in the mirror. Its so liberating, and it makes you, the best you possible. Not living up to an impossible standard, but actually utilizing your own personal talents, skills, and passion for the best possible outcome. But you better be ready, this is not a handout. This is someone teaching YOU how to fish!

Martenas Godfrey

Added tremendous value to my life

I have known Dre for years now, and every interaction I have with him adds tremendous value to my life. From receiving inspiration from his well-spoken leadership as President of Toastmasters South Beach to sitting down with him 1-on-1 to discuss the next steps for my business, the wisdom and guidance he shares has always been on-point, visionary and empowered. Thank you, Dre, for the contribution you are to so many lives on this planet. You rock!

Jeska Brodbeck
Mindful Performance Coach

Real, raw, and practical guide

Dre is a master of peeling back the layers to get to what's really important. This book is a real, raw, and practical guide for getting whatever it is that you want. Be prepared to leave your excuses behind and experience mega growth.

Misty Buck
Entreprenuer & Mental Health Coach

Good content and us helpful tips

Thanks for putting out good content and giving us helpful tips for creating success.

Herman Hudson Jr.

Thank you for blessing the people with your podcasts...

Yo what’s up Dre! Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for blessing the people with your podcasts. I found out about you about 4 months ago and have found much inspiration out of basically every episode you create. We are truly lucky to have a person like you who is willing to share they’re knowledge and game with us. I jut listened to the episode “how to build a body of work” and for me, personally, gained the most inspiration and motivation out of that episode. Thanks again for everything you are doing and can’t wait to continue to work on my game!


Been watching your videos since 6th grade... now I’m a sophomore In college...

Dre I want to thank you so much bro since I was in 6th grade I have been watching your video since 2012 I didn’t have any money to ou any trainer your video was the only thing I watch all summer long to get better going to the hot park to work on my game you motivate me so much I grow a lot by watching your motivation video and books now I’m a sophomore In college at university of Providence working on going pro after that thank you bro DreAllDay for life

Steven Adeyemi
Student Athlete

Thank you for everything you do

Happy Thanksgiving Dre! Just wanted to thank you for everything you do, all your videos are really helpful and purchased the Work On Your Game book which I’ll read soon.Jason

Jason elliott

Gains: lasting and are evident in my day to day life

The positive gains from the experience overall have been lasting and are evident in my day to day life. A big take away was being reminded of how much control each of us have in maximizing our quality of life each day. There won’t ever be a need to repeat this process ever again. If you could benefit from learning how to be more organized, more confident, or whatever...heck we all can be better at something! Contact Dre ASAP and make good on your plans to improve if you are really serious about it. His methods are sound and his approach is both polished and professional.

Jeff Rashad Thomas​​
Service Specialist

Vital to my morning routine.

Dre’s intro sums it up greatly. This is a show that provides you with personal initiative or the ‘go getter energy’ every single day.


Your comments woke me up a lot...

The most valuable things I read were the questions you asked regarding whether I would feel like I deserved it if my dream job was given to me tomorrow. Your comments about it being such a competitive world also woke me up a lot. For a long time I ignored the reality that there are a million other people with my same goals simply because I couldn’t see them. I think differently now, and I consider what the person who’s done what I want to do would be doing if they were in my situation.

Miles Richardson

I found your TedX talk on YouTube and that raised my confidence...

I started playing Basketball when I was about in 4th grade and I only did it because some of my friends did it. I instantly fell in love with it and wanted to keep playing. In 6th grade I joined the school team and I was really excited until I realized I wouldn’t even start. That took away a lot of confidence and then I realized that I was going to have to work harder than everybody else. Seventh grade roller around and I was finally starting. That season went alright but I knew I wanted more. The beginning of eighth grade I was starting to feel kind of down in myself and I just wasn’t really interested in playing and I almost quit. I realized that I need to be more confident in myself because nobody will believe in me unless I believe in myself. Around this time I found your TedX talk on YouTube and that raised my confidence. I decided to get back in the gym and start devoting my time to Basketball and Jesus.The high school coach later asked me if I wanted to play up on the high school team. I ended up as one of the team captains on the middle school team and I started for the high school team that year. Now I’m in 9th and I’m still on that same grind.

Sam Sergio

What I needed to hear

I’ve always struggled with being consistent and I finally decided that I needed some advice on what steps to take in order to be self disciplined and what not... I ended up on some over eater anonymous podcasts ... not what I was looking for (not shaming no body) but I came across this and this what exactly what I needed to hear. Really makes you think and really makes you see things in a different light, in a better light. What he’s doing is dope af


Straight facts, keeping it 100

So many great episodes so far, but this one might just be my favorite. Straight facts, keeping it 100 as always!

Javier Gonzalez

I am so incredibly grateful.  You're the best

Dre, The life I decided to create when we talked is coming into being every day. I've created a contract and sent it off to someone on Monday. I'm firming up pricing tomorrow with a mentor. In the meantime, I got another request via Facebook for my services and I have had multiple people refer to me as "the expert" online lately. It's all coming together like you said! I listen to your podcast every day and am so incredibly grateful. You're the best. Thank you for changing my course by pushing me and challenging me. I honestly don't think I could have heard it from anyone but you at that point.

Jean South

Now I’m in the G-League

I’ve been watching [Dre’s] videos since a teen... now I’m a professional player in the G-League. I really appreciate you Dre!

Professional Athlete

No Sugar Coating Here!

Reality can be harsh making the truth hard to face sometimes; I love that Dre is a straight shooter and shares his insight where it’s black and white. He has a wide array of topics that are Very relatable for just about anyone — a must listen to!!!

Stefanie Johnson
Professional Bowler

You have inspired me to do my best in LIFE

Been following Dre for a minute, his YouTube videos have been inspiring and helpful in my life. Has been one of my best virtual mentors to date. Dre has been giving the 🔑🔑🔑 for a long time on YouTube. I couldn't be more impressed. The podcast has been 🔥. Every episode has been 🔥. The amount of WORK Dre puts in each episode is admirable. Everytime I listen, I learn something new that I can implement in my life. Thank you Dre for doing what you do. You have inspired me to do my best in LIFE and I'm sure that you have inspired many more! Thanks! 🙏🏽 Keep going with the 🔥!

MJ Satumba

... Helping me build up the confidence I needed to finally launch my podcast

Hey Dre, The reason for this email is to express my sincere appreciation and admiration for the dedication you have for your craft. I've been following you for a little over two years now. I own several books of yours and I also purchased your Bullet Proof Mindset Course. But the thing that's helped me the most is your PODCAST. I learned so much from The WOYG Podcast that it made me want to start my own. I wanted to do for others what you did for me. I wanted to for two years but I didn't! There's a bunch of excuses for why I didn't, but not a single good reason. The only thing that was in my way was me. But I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired, so I decided to take action. I posted my 4th podcast episode yesterday.I have you to thank for that! Thank you for your content! & Thank you for helping me build up the confidence I needed to finally launch my podcast. (P.s. it's even rated 5 Stars on Apple Podcast :) )

Flor Castro
Podcast Host

Podcast has become a daily must for me

Dre is just continuing to flood our minds with positive and life changing ideas. Iv been a fan/student of Dre for about 5 years now and his podcast has become a daily must for me

AF Hooper

Been watching since 9th grade

I've been watching [Dre's] videos since the 9th grade.

Kyrie Irving
NBA Champion & All-Star

Keeps it real and has the uncomfortable conversations....

I have been quietly following Dre for over 10 years. He has shown a steady progression in the quality of content that he creates.Dre keeps it real and has the uncomfortable conversations....


Practical, useful and urgent advice

Practical, useful and urgent advice from someone who's been in your shoes. There's work to be done, get to it.

Seth Godin
Best-Selling Author & Entreprenuer

This is f**king great!

Dre!! this one is f**king great!I’ve just started posting my stuff up online and this feeling is def a struggle for me right now.I’ve literally listened to this episode like 10 times! Every time I get the feeling that I’m not moving the needle I re-listen.Your posts just keep getting better and better, man. Keep it up!!

Len Enders

... Show you the path to success.

Dre Baldwin is a tough, truth-telling coach who can change your game by teaching you how to work on it in the right ways. None of what he shares is easy, but all of it is smart, and if you have the guts to do the work, this book will show you the path to success.

Dr. Nick Morgan
Best-Selling Author

Thanks for the inspiration

Just seen a couple of your videos, I like how you just put it all on the table and it’s all about hard work and made it out of nothing, I appreciate your motto, thanks for the inspiration, when I make it like you did I hope we can meet and shoot around (all the way from the UK… big fan now!)


Amazing book ... LOVED IT

I have just completed the Super You. Purchased it and finished it today. Amazing book dre, really. Especially the ending, LOVED IT. I definitely look forward to the mental handbook and your other books... Appreciate it dre.Kind regards,,Mohammed

Mohammed Almajed

Opened up my eyes a lot

I have been listening to you for a while now and you've opened up my eyes a lot as a person and made me more competitive as a basketball player. Thank you so much for everything that you do. Much love and respect fam.

Mahmoud Abdelhamid


I been following dre from YouTube since 5 years ago, the man is a confidence genius and never fails to deliver insightful ways to approach new situations for entrepreneurs and basketball players and is a must listen every day if you are both of those


You don’t have to be an athlete to get great value.

This content is unreal. I’m a college basketball coach and listen everyday. It’s great because you don’t have to be a athlete to get great value. Keep bring that 🔥🔥

PSU Coach W


This is what you need to take to you to next level in anything, anything you need he probably has recorded on that subject. You will feel like he is talking directly to you about your issue.

Pierre G Koutani

Recommitted to basketball at the age of 27

Dre I really thank you a lot for being a very positive influence in my goals ever since I recommitted to basketball at the age of 27 to play in college.

Raymond Johns Jr.

Listened to it TWENTY times

I listened to that episode at least twenty times, and had my players listed to it and discuss it.

Wes Pifer
NCAA D1 Basketball Coach

Your words of confidence had the greatest impact and helped me to overcome defeat and achieve today's victory!

A year and a half later I would like to thank you for your words of hope and to say that I just passed the exam and I'm already a lawyer. It was your words of confidence that, as strangers, had the greatest impact and helped me to overcome defeat and to continue working to achieve today's victory! God bless you!


Priceless information

First and foremost, I would like to say that this is one of the best podcasts on iTunes. The information that is given can be used in all aspects of life. This podcast focuses on the mental aspect of getting through life and "making things happen instead of waiting for things to happen."I am currently in nursing school and the information that he shareshelps me on a daily basis. Not only does this podcast provide top quality motivation, but it also provides strategies on how you can achieve your goals. I would strongly encourage anyone who is looking for growth to subscribe to this podcast.


A great resource coaching basketball at a Div 3 school

Just finished book over the weekend—thanks so much for all the great info. It will be a great resource coaching at a Div 3 school---I know our best player from this season is trying to continue to play. Looking forward to sharing the info—great thoughts on mental toughness. Thanks again,

Brad Oringer
College Basketball Coach

No way I’d be where I am today without him!

Dre knows his stuff! I’ve been watching his YouTube videos for years and been subscribed to his podcast for a little over a year, no way I’d be where I am today without him!



Love the podcast, as a fan of Dre from YouTube this podcast has been everything I expected & more.The podcasts are concise and perfect in length for the drive to work, school, wherever.The quality is top level & Dre consistently delivers an interesting topic with enlightening perspectives.


The path to prosperity

Thank you (and the team?) for what you do. You're changing lives for the better. I'd guess that you're getting enough feedback at this point that mine but I'm taking the time anyways because the messages you produce and publish are worthy of it. I downloaded itunes and signed up for an apple id to post a review this morning after listing to your most recent episode #802 How To Pay Less Attention To What Others Are Doing. It is a little religious experience to wake up obsessing over something useless only to turn over in bed, to grab for a podcast to quiet the deamons, and to be greeted by something so directly relevant to the things I am struggling with. You're doing good things and I hope you keep it up.


Thank you and keep doing what you are doing.

Hey Dre I work at an office currently.Just wanted to say that seeing your emails in my inbox from time to time is just perfect as a little break.Thank you and keep doing what you are doing.GreetingsFredy

Frederik Flury

Life changer

Have been listening for 2 years,dude changed my life.

Podcast Listener

My mental game has grown in strength and it shows!

Your podcast came up in the suggestion for what I might like so I gave one a try and I’ve been hooked since! I’ve been listening to two to three every morning while working out and it just helps get my mind right to tackle my day and helps reinforce everything that I am doing :)The rodeo world is very different in many aspects from other athletics especially with regards to our health....and our habits. So when doing something different from the status quo, the naysayers grow. But since listening my mental game has grown in strength and it shows!

Kaylee Smith
Rodeo Competitor

You were a big part in morphing me into what I am today

Dear Dre, At this moment, my teacher has an assignment which consists of us writing a gratitude to someone who has made a major difference in our life, and since I have implemented your teachings into nearly every facet of my life I figured you were the perfect choice. From your YouTube videos, to your podcast, to your books they have all assisted me in life more than you or I even know. Often times I think back to around 8 or so years ago and muse on how clicking on your basketball handling video changed my life for the better. That’s the thing with technology these days, you can use it to your liking, your advantage or disadvantage. It’s like a mirror of your brain, if you show interest in futile topics it will spit that back out to you tenfold, but vice versa if you show interest in empowering things it will do the same. I like to look at it as a School of our own. We are the complete bosses of the school, we even write the agenda… With all that being said, you are teacher of the year in my school, metaphorically. You drop game literally every day (daily game) on any topic I could ever fathom, more so ones I wouldn’t I couldn’t hold a candle to your idea muscle (Episode #70 WOYG Podcast). You were a big part in morphing me into what I am today, when life could have went so many different ways. I just felt like it was time I actually showed you some appreciation back and this was a great opportunity to do it. Work on your game

Kaleb King


I found Dre on Grant Candone Tv and I have to say this is propably the best podcast on how to improve your confindence & self-improvement I have ever heard. I'm not easily impressed. There is so much fluff out there on these topics. Everyone is trying in some way or another to be some type of life coach. Dre really breaks it down on how to improve yourself, your brand and your business. I was lacking the confindence in starting my own business and Dre defintely has given me the motivation to get out there and get things started.

Best on the Left

Hi Dre, I am a teenager fron Singapore, I have been listening to your podcasts and I just wanted to thank you for adding value into my life daily. I would listen to your podcast everyday on the way to school. You raised the law of inertia in one of your podcast and i thought it was very meaningful. Keep doing your thing and Thank you!!


Great job being an example for the African American community

So great to see a young black man doing his thing and showing others how to do the same in sports and business. Great job being an example for the African American community. We need more leaders like you.

David Hutcherson

'Preciate All Your Insight!

Preciate All Your Insighttt Around The Internettt!! It’s Dope To Have Something to Look Attt As A Template

Ramon Suero

Make the decision

There’s no such thing as “fake it til you make it.” As soon as you make the decision to be something other than you’ve been up to this point, it becomes 100% real. - @DreAllDay,

Kristy Gillentine
VP, Communications Consultant, Journalist

The Realest !!!

I was listening today to one of his podcasts about “You Don’t Have To Prove S*** To Anyone” and I though at that very moment he was a preacher but, I know in my life their are times where people can diminish your goals and apirations as well your VALUE. But, Dre Baldwin gives a 110% sermon on not allowing yourself to be suckered into that type mentality and I agree with him.. Very wise man with a lot to offer and I’ve already subscribed to his youtube channel as well but with his podcasts you get an intimate feel and the topics are always relatable to the average individual……. GREAT MOTIVATOR , GREAT MAN !!!!!!

UnspOWken Assassin

An incredible inspiration to me to get better

I find it incredible as a guy from Asia that you're so disciplined, I remember reading an email that gave readers an outline of your routine, and here you are actually doing stuff on the Internet (sending emails) at 4 in the morning in ET (if I haven't gotten my tinezones wrong haha, I'm pretty sure I'm half a day faster than the east coast). Truly appreciate what you do, and although I'm still very much undisciplined, you're being an incredible inspiration to me to get better.

Winston Tsang


I have been listening to the podcast for several months now. Dre consistently drops key after key, every single episode. I am a huge fan and would recommend this to anyone wanting a better mindset


Helps me think outside the box

I wanted to let you know that I love what you're doing. I haven't heard all of your podcasts yet but I'm working my way through them. I'm an athlete from a different perspective, I'm a barrel racer. I ride horses and compete in rodeo. Although a majority of sport talk you use or work with is Basketball, I can understand everything and can use it to help myself. It's actually helps me think outside the box because I can't just copy and paste the situation from whatever you may be talking about to what I'm going through. You have made me more disciplined in myself and the work I need to do to become better every day. I greatly appreciate what you do.

Caitlin Collins
Rodeo Competitor

You’re changing lives out here man

I appreciate your advice and will be following what you said today as I have with most of the other advice that you give out on your other podcasts. I’m one of your advid daily listeners (and one of your actual appliers of advice) and have ALREADY started to ask those initial questions to potential clients. You’re changing lives out here man, I hope you know and understand that.

Jasmine Kearse
Creative Consultant


Dre is a definition of WOYG. He lives and breathes everything he speaks about. Content he creates is an ABSOLUTE MUST read/listen to anyone seeking fresh and bold perspective on how to better their life and business.

Anna Dolce

Your drills got my handles that i have now

#WOYG thank you for everything you done for me. You don’t understand. I used to watch you all the time in 2011-2012 and your drills got my handles that i have now

Ricky Yang
Basketball Player

Thank you Dre!

Thank you Dre! Can always count on you to get my mental game up. #WOYG


Dre Is an Empowerment Guru!

Listen Dre doesn’t just have all steer knowledge on hand, professional and real empirical information Dre pumps out. This is real talk” for this generation of motivated individuals whom wish to accomplish your dreams. It takes work, and Dre helps keep you heading to your goal. I want to be the best basketball player in the world, Dre has helped make that happen, I’m a lot closer to my gains. I’ve found Dre on YouTube, but I found content on more platforms such as apple. Dre thanks man. Working on my game daily. -DAS


Best out there ! #WOYG

Nobody has ever helped me get a better understanding of anything, especially confidence or mental toughness than Dre Baldwin. Listen closely to every word, don't just hear what he is saying. I highly recommend it.

Anthony Kowalski

He knows what he's talking about

There are not too many people out there with the wealth of experience and skills that Dre possesses in life-skills/empowerment. Dre's background/journey as a former professional athlete, as well as the fact that he actively lives out what he preaches, makes him highly qualified in delivering this rich content daily.

College Hooper
College Athlete

Dre is an action taker and that is contagious

Appreciate this podcast, as Dre's passion and commitment flow through to inspire the audience to not make excuses and take action! Inspires me to keep on hustling.

Entreprenuer & Coach


One of the best things that happened to me was coming across all of Dre's content! I make a habit of listening to him everyday! I can genuinely say his content has helped improve my mental attitude, and my overall outlook on life. I would recommend this to anyone that is really trying to become a better version of themselves!THANK YOU SO MUCH DRE!


Great Information

I started listening to this podcast over a year ago and I have been hooked ever since. Dre gives great advice that can be applied to every area of life. Great show!


Principles/discipline I learned from your trainings has allow me go become very successful

Hey Dre , I’ve been supporting and subscribed since I was like 12 , My days of just basketball are over but the principles/discipline I learned from your trainings has allow me go become very successful young, I just wanted to say that your transition to helping people mindset is amazing, nice bro!

Marco Dawson

Paying It Forward!

Solid podcast. This is what I have been preaching but also finding it hard to do, but I believe if everyone paid it forward (as you are doing the Black community specifically) would be doing better than it is now.

Shaniyla Johnson

Real life advice

First time listening to your podcast, look forward to the next episode!!! The real life advice given is beneficial to anyone.


Dre is The Way

I just started listening to Dre’s podcasts and I thoroughly enjoy them. His frank and honest approach is refreshing.


"Real talk” for this generation

Listen Dre doesn’t just have all steer knowledge on hand, professional and real empirical information Dre pumps out. This is real talk” for this generation of motivated individuals whom wish to accomplish your dreams. It takes work, and Dre helps keep you heading to your goal. I want to be the best basketball player in the world, Dre has helped make that happen, I’m a lot closer to my gains. I’ve found Dre on YouTube, but I found content on more platforms such as apple. Dre thanks man. Working on my game daily. -DAS


When in doubt Dre all day

I am so grateful to have stumbled upon this podcast! Dre is completely relatable and gives practical tools for living. He is well read and delivers his material in an honest but firm manner. Dre is like the tough but loving coach you dream of having as an athlete. Whatever your pursuits are in life, Dre will help you stay focused and reaching for more in yourself.Highly recommended.


Filling up new notebook with notes

My name is Ilija Lončarić.I have finished listening and taking notes from your podcast (ep #494 til ep #594) , and filled up a whole notebook with valuable content.Just ended listening to ep #600 "To Succeed, You MUST Believe In Magic" and filing up new notebook whit notes.Keep on the good work Dre!


Not only help me physically, but mentally

Dre, i just appreciate you and the videos you upload on youtube, you did not only help me physically, but mentally, and nobody in youtube gives motivation than you are. Keep up the good work.


You Are My Mentor & Inspiration

Dre You Are My Mentor && Inspiration. I Look Up To You, I Wanna Be Like You! Also I Appreciate all the Videos You put out there. They Really helped Me out !!! I jus wanted you to know that.


I really appreciate what you do, you have made a difference in my life

Dre, first thing first, I recently ordered your autographed book work on your game I expected just a name signature. What I received was a personal note, that means a lot to me and I appreciate it a ton. Secondly, about a month ago I finished my power limited apprenticeship as an low voltage electrician and received my state license. Now my boss wants me to start running work, he said my biggest weakness is confidence. I ended up stumbling into your podcast, trying to find a way to work on my mental game, a lot of what you talk about on a daily basis I find a way to apply them to my personal and work life. All in all I really appreciate what you do, you have made a difference in my life. Thank you keep doing what you do, I’ll keep listening, reading and working on my game!

Ryan Ringwald

Makes me want to work on my game

Dre all day! Literally! The wisdom in these podcast makes me want to work on my game . In my sport and life


Top podcast

Very inspirational podcast with 0 drop offs from each episode, you will think of ideas you may have previously looked over to better your life.. good daily listen


I'm trying out for overseas ball this year

Good Information I'm trying out for overseas ball this year....much needed and reality check information!

James Mccray

I’ll be listening to every podcast

Free Jewel!!! used to follow your YouTube videos and now I’ll be listening to every podcast. A lot more people need to hear your message. God bless your ministry brother. Coach Collum

Steve Collum

Straight forward and real

This is straight forward and real thanks for being so open with your knowledge!!


... Keep working on my game and each day be better than yesterday

Thank you for what you do, I’m being following you since Feb2017, you remain me a lot to my big brother, RIP even though he is not with me; every time I listen to ur podcast(almost every day:)I feel tht he by my side giving guidance to keep working on my game and each day be better than yesterday 🏼 much love and respect 🇲🇽🇺🇸 saludos desde Vacaville Ca!

Teo Venegas

African baller with the dream to play pro

Thanks alot Dre for that very helpful and useful information.Am an African baller with the dream to play pro one day, though opportunities here may be a little far and between but i still hold on to the belief that with hard work, sweat, tears, belief, networking like you said and most importantly putting God above all am gonna get there, i will make itGreat guidelines #DreAllDay

Jumar Mwambazi

The Podcast Lit The Fire

I've been listening to Dre, Work on your game podcast, for almost a month. I'd seen him on the whatever it takes network but it was the podcast that lit the fire.Previously I'd dabbled in personal development, I don't recommend that approach it's very hit and miss, but never really stuck it out, I've just recently started to get my fitness in check and thought it was time to get my career and finances sorted. I've always known what I've wanted to do and had a small amount of success but then retreated and procrastinated. Now at 38, almost 39, it's time to get serious. Dre's podcast was the spark I needed, talked about Inner game, getting the mind right, I've heard of these things but something just clicked. I can't recommend it enough. I know my weaknesses, I know my strengths, I know what I want to do and accomplish, it's a long road but I've taken the first step of creating a movie studio that specialises in Romance. Just got to keep walking and listening to the podcast and improving myself daily.I've got the mental handbook, the super you, and the mirror of motivation, books I'll be devouring. Soon I'll be on the people skills course to perfect or improve my communication skills. Thanks for the great work Dre.


Glad your podcast is here Dre

It’s always good to be thinking about all the things you know, can do, want to do, who you are. Glad your podcast is here Dre. Opens up new avenues. Gets the mind working.

Colin Studd

Killed It as Opening Keynote

@DreAllDay killed it at the opening keynote. He's kinda tall

Vanessa Cabrera

Priceless information

First and foremost, I would like to say that this is one of the best podcasts on iTunes. The information that is given can be used in all aspects of life. This podcast focuses on the mental aspect of getting through life and "making things happen instead of waiting for things to happen."I am currently in nursing school and the information that he shareshelps me on a daily basis. Not only does this podcast provide top quality motivation, but it also provides strategies on how you can achieve your goals. I would strongly encourage anyone who is looking for growth to subscribe to this podcast.


Amazing job of describing things in detail and giving examples

Listen to Dre every time I’m in the car, this guy does an amazing job of describing things in detail and giving examples. He keeps it all the way real


I went from good to unstoppable

I was a really good basketball player physical but mentally I wasn't there... I went from good to unstoppable. Dre just doesn't cover Confidence. He covers Confidence, discipline, Visioning Success, dealing with negativity, mindset mistakes and much, much more! I have recommended Dre to anyone who wants to be serious in basketball or anything in life. Thank you again and Work On Your Game!

Grayson Honaker​​
Basketball Player

"Dre All Day". The nickname says it all. Golden Nuggets Galore

"Dre All Day". The nickname says it all. Dre provides a rapid and relentless onslaught of insight, truth, and motivation. Daily breakfast of golden nuggets served fresh. Enjoy!


Went from D2 to D3 to D2 again and made it overseas

Hi! My name is Raychel Shannon and I am an avid listener of your podcast. I really relate to your background story. I am a basketball player who also had a crazy journey to make it pro. I went from D2 to D3 to D2 again and made it overseas last year after overcoming a lot of closed doors. I used a lot of your material to guide me through the process and to get a taste of what to expect. Also, your podcast about reading books impacted my life in a huge way. I have always loved to read but didn’t prioritize it. Since listening I have read about a book a week and am working to increase this number even more. You have even inspired me to put my own blog together. When it is up and running I will definitely send you the link. In closing, I want to thank you for the material you put out. Keep up the great, quality work!

Raychel Shannon
Professional Basketball Player

I'm glad I found you

I'm glad i found you. I will take your coarse. I will love to meet you one day. I'm in Lakeland Florida. I listen to your podcast and read your books. Keep up the good work..Peace


Dre is the real deal

Dre is the real deal. He teaches the characteristics -- Discipline, Confidence , Mental Toughness, Initiative -- that we could use more of a s a society.

Grace Marlin

Most inspiring and empowering

Woah. One of the most inspiring and empowering kickoffs to a conference I’ve ever experienced. Thank you, @DreAllDay

Kristin Brashares
Digital & Social Media Marketing Manager

Thank you for all the content and advice Dre!

Hey Dre, I just wanted to say thank you for your content. The other day when you said you need to feed positive energy to stuff that you like, it got me thinking. I watch your videos constantly because your advice is pretty much bulletproof. It’s honest and applicable to almost any situation in life. But as much as it helps, I never give it the feedback it deserves. Your advice actually helped me a lot already. I was one of those that would look up tips for tryouts a week before they were happening. I first did this when I was in 10th grade and of course, I didn’t make the team. But I watched one of your videos when I looked that up. Then I tried out again in 12th grade and tried to do too much information gathering and ended up wasting a whole summer and didn’t make the team. At first, I thought it was bullshit because I thought I deserved to be on the team and I was blaming it all on the “politics” of it, and making excuses about it. But you’re right. Maybe I did possibly deserve a spot at the end of the bench but if that’s the mentality I was going for in that tryout then maybe that wasn’t the time for me to tryout anyway. If I would’ve actually worked out that summer and had some real game instead of the minimum I was counting on to make the team, things most likely would’ve turned out differently. I’m trying out for a college basketball team (Lehman College) next fall, and I’m taking your advice. I’m gonna be 10x as good as the other guys. I’m gonna play in a lot of games, get some experience and maybe some recognition in the summer, and get in great shape so I’m prepared and they can’t not pick me up no matter what the coaches situation is. I’m learning now that waiting to have everything I need to start putting in work is the worst thing you can do. Therefore, I’m gonna do the best I can with what I know, and keep learning from the grind. Thank you for all the content and advice Dre!

Carlo Grillo

The Best

Definitely the most motivating and best content of any similar category pod cast. Keep it coming.

Spartacus in Vegas

I wish I read this a long time ago!

I wish I read this a long time ago man! Im 18 years old and when I feel like I need something that gets me back on my way I always reach up to one of your vids or blog posts. And you always have one hell of an answer. Keep doin what u doin


Thank u soo much!!!

I would like to thank u personally for all these vids on posting ure workouts!!! u have made me lost 18kgs in 4 months thank u soo much!!!


Your words this morning are exactly what I needed to hear...

Much love to you Dre! I just ordered your book this morning too. Your words this morning are exactly what I needed to hear. I’ve been listening to your podcasts for months now and it has definitely helped change the way I view myself and things. Keep doing what you’re doing. I will always support you!! 🏼🏼

Leila Nicole


This podcast is literally "too good to be true", yet is is true! This entire podcast covers everything you need to hear in the world-especially for a basketball player! Dre applies the concepts of each episode to the real world as well, regardless of sports! I absolutely love Dre's way of using analogies to motivate his audience! I could write pages worth of praise about this podcast but this podcast is the best & it is free!

Eritrean-American guy

You may have Made the biggest contribution in my life to my mentality/success out of anyone...

Instead of the blind leading the blind I know I can always count on some good quality information and values to come from you and relate it to everyone around me and in my circle so we can all grow. As the great Nip Hussle once aside (in honor of his birthday) “If you hang around 9 broke niggas you liable to be the 10th one” Similar to something you had once said (don’t quote me on this) “If you are the only millionaire in a room full of billionaires you better become a billionaire before you get kicked out of the room”. With all of this being said thanks Dre for all you have done, in all honesty you may have Made the biggest contribution in my life to my mentality/success out of anyone other than myself!

Kaleb King
College Football Player

A shift in the way I talk to myself

Dre is basically topping on ice cream for me, I resonate with the things i have been reading from the book so far. On chapter two right now!! By applying the first chapter i have noticed changes and a shift in the way i talk to myself adding two to three positive when one negative thought comes out. Excited to read , learn and apply. *all leaders are readers not all readers are leaders*

Mcphill Louigene

... they directly apply to my situation

I enjoy reading your emails that you send out. There have been some that I felt were talking directly to me. Ironically, those particular ones came at times when I was like I feel this information was able to able to guide my next decision properly. Again I have truly enjoyed and have definitely gained a lot of insight. Much respect.

Adrain King

The perfect place to start

For everyone who doesn't quite understand what it really means to 'Work On Your Game,' this book is the perfect place to start. Dre shares the four major principles of this life-changing philosophy, how they have already contributed to any successful endeavor, and how they will do the same for all readers.

Charlie Broussard
Student / Athlete

Your website is very informative and I commend you for your honesty and realistic advice! Thank you for the tremendous amount of " free" information, and thought provoking advice you provide to all. It is so clear when someone obviously loves the game of basketball!Regards,Bo Burgess

Roslyn Burgess

Been listening to leadership and motivational podcasts for years... LOVE Dre all day!!

I have been listening to leadership and motivational podcasts for years. I am an IT Manager and LOVE Dre all day!! I started listening for my young athletes - this is perfect content for girls and boys - my kids can relate and this is so much more powerful than me or dad, even if we would say the exact same thing. This is great content for the in athlete as well, he keeps it real and won't let you make excuses for not being the best and doing your best!One of the the BEST podcasts out there. I listen to at least 10-20 diff podcasts a week so... I am in a good position to judge this content and he is funny too!!Thanks Dre - appreciate you soooo much - thanks for keeping it real and relating to these kids in a way they can receive it!

IT Manager

Constant flow of resource and information.

He can get you going if you need some motivation or make you work even harder than you already are. Great, knowledgable thoughts and information. I recommend for everyone. Plus, it's only 10-20 minutes a day and if you can't sacrifice that much time for self improvement then I'm sorry for you.


You are making a big difference

Just wanted to pay you a compliment. Am a 54 year business woman in Northern California and really enjoy your podcasts. Am a big fan of your uplifting spirit and “can-do” attitude. Congratulations on all your accomplishments! A never-give-up attitude like yours gets one ahead in life, changes a person from ordinary to extraordinary. Thank you for sharing your life skills with the world. You are making a big difference.

Jennifer Brown
Business Professional

Prepare, practice, reproduce, and appreciate fully!!

Best excuses were my being born and raised up in poverty, dysfunction, addictions, as "daddyless" w/o parentally guided preparation and support for career and financial success (insert breath here;). While its all my real life circumstances and true that brokenness and poverty mindset are ridiculously significant challenges that many of us experience and need to breakthrough and overcome; "best excuses" is my punny humor of an oxymoron b/c we already know that there are no good excuses for real-- just monuments to nothingness, as you shared-- i appreciate that too! Absolutely believe, we WILL HAVE, DO and BE ALL that we mentally ( then physically) prepare, practice, reproduce, and appreciate fully!! Always much thanks, for your messaging!

Teaira Scott
Business Professional

Love it!!!

I always look forward to the podcasts and I love the new book, Work On Your Game. I highly recommend it!


The results of this course are AMAZING!

My name is Ellyson Ortega and I'm 19 years old. I'm currently a Sophomore in College and some of the challenges I was facing was definitely confidence in myself and even the way I viewed myself. I wasn't as confident as I wanted to be. Deep down I knew I could always be more confident. I just didn't know how to reach it. When you sent out an email about ASAP Confidence, I had to try it out. I had a feeling this was meant for me. I knew it because the moment I started Day 1, I knew this was going to work for me. Going through the ASAP Confidence course, I've learned how to become the "Super You" and I even know how to stand properly and even walk properly. I know what to think and what to do now when someone tries to tear me down. The results of this course are AMAZING! I noticed the difference after Day 1 and I've just been so much happier with myself ever since I took this course. Not only did I become more confident, but I became much happier as well. This course will CHANGE your life for the better! You won't be the same person you were before and that's a great thing!!! Some people will leave you because of it but that's okay! Those people aren't meant to be apart of your life anyways!! Once you take this course, you become an opportunity magnet! You will attract everything!!! Thanks again to Dre Baldwin as he created this life changing course!! Recommend this course 100/10.

Ellyson Ortega

You’re an inspiration

I appreciate reading your blog and seeing your growth man…you seem to always be learning, which is something most people don’t do nowadays.Keep doing your thing…I’ll keep reading. You’re an inspiration.


Since I don`t like to talk at all, this book was money to me...

Ive been follwoing you for over 6 years now and I have purchased some of your books incl. 25 Conversation Starters. Since I don`t like to talk at all, this book was money to me (in my opinion one of your best books youve published). I used some of your questions when I was at special events and seminars, since the people at those seminars were mostly CEOs and other big business people (and I am just a 22-year old student).At those events, those questions in your book were very helpful.

Andrei Korchounov

I just want to thank you again for all that you do to help people like me going through shit with their lives...

I want to start off by saying that I have upmost respect for the extra effort you are putting in to better all that you do. Honestly, I found your podcast only about a month ago, but it has been incredibly helpful with getting through some rough shit in my life. The best thing I took from your book was the Be Real with Yourself pages. My reality is unpleasant because I am not where I want to be, but not one part of me wants to live an unauthentic life. I have lied to myself in the past about the work required to earn this degree. It is more then I care to believe, but it is the reality. Everything needs to be seen clear with the steps I will need to take with studying and making connections if I want to reach the final goal of getting a job I will enjoy, which will take a number of years. I see the final goal of getting a job, which then would be broken down into earning my bachelors and masters degrees, broken further into passing each semester's classes and being smart with my money to pay for all it. I will need to study for each class and finally the daily struggle I will endure to find the motivation to keep going. I did not even highlight anything on these pages, I just tabbed the whole thing to return to when I need it. The most valuable idea I took out was your principle Know Your Goals. This was another principle that I tabbed out to go back to when I need it. I drew it in with your podcasts as well over picking one goal to work on and not working half ass on a number of goals. I am big on music, fitness, traveling, and school, but I cannot focus on all at the same time. I was waking up at 4am last semester to work out, with no specific goal in mind since I am not competing right now. What was the point? Of course, lifting and running helps me mentally calm down, but it should not be a priority, but a part in my school goal to keep me focused. Now I can pinpoint my overall goal, which is schooling for the next few years. After I accomplish that goal, I can move back to fitness and finding a new passion as an athlete. I was a hurdler in high school, but took a boxing class when visiting Philly and enjoyed it more then anything I have done before. I am a well built individual and was told I hit hard, no better compliment with that sport. Sadly, boxing classes are not offered near me here in South Dakota, but one day I can try it again. I have my one solid goal for the next few years to fully commit to, in full detail. I already feel better prepared for the upcoming semester knowing exactly why I am still here. At times, I look to far into why I should quit and forget the reason. I do not like being the only female in my classes and having no friends, but in 5 years none of that will matter when I have that degree. Your principle over Haters & Naysayers was the principle that I already knew, but you thankfully reminded me of. I learned to not listen to haters, but I like your way of using their hateful energy has useful energy much more helpful. Energy transfer is a majority of my school work, I learn all about it and your principle follows it perfectly. One of my part time jobs is a cook at Applebee's, a job I will not stay long at because bottom line, I do not like it, though I am happy I got the experience at something new. I think I have caught on to the job pretty well and have had no complaints from my supervisors over my work ethic. But, one worker there felt the need to put me down last week stating that 'if I did not improve, I would probably get fired.' This comment comes from an entitled individual with no goals in her life right now and I had to continually remind myself the rest of the shift of this so that comment would not hinder my day. In the future, I will use those comments as a reminder that I am doing something with my life. She does not like talking about my accomplishments and goals because she has none. That was her way of putting me down to feel better about herself which is okay with me. She has no impact on my future and I am not going to slow down because of someone who has known me a month. I just want to thank you again for all that you do to help people like me going through shit with their lives. You have another fan and I will be buying more of your books in the future. All I listen to when doing cardio are your podcasts to try and learn as much as I can. But, for real, keep doing you.

Jaidyn Elbers
Military & Student

You are an inspiration to many people including me. Keep doing what you do. I hope to see you in the NBA one day.


Hits right at home with me

Man Dre this hits right at home with me. I’m going to be starting college in the fall, and I’ve always been big on doing my own thing. I’ve never wanted to be an employee, like you said I just wanna do what I want. I try to explain to my friends that I just wanna do what I want, but they don’t get it because it doesn’t relate to a college degree. Its great to know someone as successful as yourself has a similar mentality.

Gavin M.

Well Worth the Aural Real Estate

Dre gives you free access to the mindset of the ELITE.You'll like the practicality of these episodes and how he actually applies the wisdom to his life, so you can model the same thing.It's been dope following him as he attacked YouTube back in '05 and has now taken over different scenes (podcast, author, affiliate marketer, speaker, and then some).Thanks for the value Dre

Maestro Shabreon

A game changer

I just want to thank this podcast for improving my life. I struggled with low confidence most of my life. After listening to a few episodes, my confidence is back. His to the point and relatable stories are inspiring. Listen to this podcast, apply it in your life, and you don’t be disappointed with the results. Thank you for creating this. It’s amazing.


[Dre] helped me out a lot with suggestions for my business!

Amazing guy... [Dre] helped me out a lot with suggestions for my business. I will listen to your advice!

Shota Tchigladze
Boxing Trainer

Best choice [for] my Mental Game

I start my day with WOYG Podcast,the best choice of my mental game

James Feng


Dre’s advice and insight will give you a whole new perspective on mindset and motivation. You will not regret taking 15-30 minutes of your time for this podcast.


Motivation to press on and achieve even more success this year than the last

My boss heard Dre speak and was wowed by his perspective and enthusiasm for success. At the time of Dre's talk for our group, we were celebrating our company's top sellers. The challenge that faced us in that setting was motivation to press on and achieve even more success this year than the last. His words were impactful to the level that a worker in the venue where Dre was speaking to us actually came up to him later and thanked him, stating that Dre spoke on exactly what he needed to hear that night. Dre was very professional and even stood in for photos and autographs after his speaking time was finished.

Rachel Swires
Executive Assistant/Recruiting Team Head

You're A Blessing

Thank you for a realist approach to how I need to reach my goal🏽you're a blessing

S. Foster

Thank you so much!!

LOVE this episode!! It’s so important to recognize your ‘Wins’ along your journey so you don’t fall of track or give up. Once you actually consciously start recognizing these things, you will find that there is so much that you have to be grateful for and so much that you can be proud of!! Thank you so much for the reminder!! ?

Laura Bonney

The mental side of what it takes to develop and perform like a professional

This podcast is a great one for sport players. I'm a struggling sophmore playing basketball, and it's a bit difficult to play at my peak performance, but this podcast reviews the mental side of what it takes to develop and perform like a professional. I'm grateful I found this at this time. I will apply this concepts to action!


Greatly appreciated!

Thanks again for all your support and advice!! Greatly appreciated!

Trina Wiggins

I started something of my own at the age of 17

When I first came across @DreAllDay podcast, I was full of energy with no idea on how to use that energy. I developed mental toughness as I kept on listening to his podcast, work by word. Now I started something of my own at the age of 17, inspired by Dre Baldwin.

Isaiah Netsianda

Getting ready for my 4th MMA fight

Dre keeps it real and pushes you to be the best in any arena you could potentially be in! He’s been a mental coach regarding my current situation; getting ready for my 4th MMA fight! Work on your game is not just motivation, it’s life changing when you apply it to your daily life! Thanks Dre!

Steve Mares

Would Pay For This

THE best podcast when it comes to progressing forward in life and being the person you need to be. Any obstacle or problem you have Dre has covered it in an episode. #WOYG

Remmi Ellis

Your information and perspective on life has been and is valuable

Thank you for the great material you're providing for us. To answer your question of paying a monthly fee for your "Daily Game" emails - yes, I'd likely pay for this since your information and perspective on life has been and is valuable. Thanks again!

Mark Hubbell

I started giving up...

Hey Dre, im 14 and I just wanna thank you for giving me a boost to go out everyday to practice and become a better me! I started giving up because I was to small and weak but who am I to quit, I wont go anywhere with that mentality. Im going to try to be the best I can be and surpass my goals. Ill miss 100% of the shots ill never take.Thanks, Brandon


You just changed my whole philosophy on life

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You just changed my whole philosophy on life. I wasn't good enough to make that team and you're right I do need to shut the f up and work harder. Thank you.

Andrew Rose

The Best Motivational Speaker ALIVE

Dre Baldwin has a special talent when it comes to motivational speeches or in any speech. He will give u the confidence and mental strength u need to become the person u want to become. It worked for me and I’m sure it would work for u. WORK ON YOUR GAME

Zack Goldstein

Hoops = Life

@DreAllDay with the hoops = life keynote.

Michael Bartholow
Search marketing professional

I read Work On Your Game [The Book] twice....

Appreciate you sending me these articles!!! Def made my day I read Work On Your Game [The Book] twice great book also helped me with forming better habits for myself as an individual and as a brand. Looking forward to The Mirror Of Motivation!Hope all is well on your side !!! Also thank you for going live last couple weeks needed to hear them for sure

Ezekiel John

Dre Got Game

Look man Dre got me doing something I have never done: Self evaluating. Very needed.


Dre is The Man

I have learned more from him than any other person throughout the last few years.. He has positively influenced my life and without him paving the way for young entrepreneurs and basketball players, there is no way I'd be where I am today.


First of all I want to say thank you. Your books [Super You, Mental handbook, Mirror of Motivation, 100 Mental Practices] literally pulled me out from the dark space of mind. And when I implemented the things that you told me to do, Oh My God! It really works. I cant thank you enough for that. Looking forward to finish Work On Your Game. Keep writing those books Dre.

Hisan Holson


Dre's podcast has taught me so many new things and helped me become so much more confident than ever before. Dre is simply the master at teaching you how to get that "killer instinct" or the "bulletproof" mindset


Vital to my morning routine.

Dre’s intro sums it up greatly. This is a show that provides you with personal initiative or the ‘go getter energy’ every single day.


Great Lessons

Man I wish I would’ve known about this podcast earlier. I was a talented soccer player in high school but never knew how to take losses or learn from my mistakes and how to improve on them. I only relayed on my talent to overcome obstacles. Now I’m using these teachings in the gym and hvac tech job, I feel like I’m improving and seeing results at everything I’m doing thanks man.


Mamba Mentality

From one entreprenuer to another, hands down one of the best podcasts out there. Dre speaks in-depth about real-life applicable content and provides you with the exact steps you MUST take to accomplish said things. What makes everything so personable to me (a basketball coach) is the fact that he relates the majority of his content to BASKETBALL. I love that.Just like coffee, the 'WOYG' podcast is part of my morning routine and I HIGHLY recommend you make it a part of yours. Ladies and gentlemen, if you are in your car, at home or at the gym, take out a pen and paper, open your ears & take notes, because Dre is about to bulletproof your mindset so YOU can overcome any obstacles coming your way. WORK on your game.


I’ve been watching your videos since 2013 and started listening to your podcasts in 2015...

What’s up Dre, Just watched the video and you’ve made some solid points that I found are helpful. I’m a college sophomore planning to play D1 this year and set myself up for a possible overseas career after college. I’ve been watching your videos since 2013 and started listening to your podcasts in 2015. The podcasts assisted me to focus on myself so I could buy a game and actually have the respect and skill of being a hooper. I’m coming from zero elementary or high school team experience and your content resonates with me. Outside of basketball most importantly, it provides structure and resiliency from everything and everyone around that isn’t in my corner and it’s much respect, love and appreciation for the content. With your consistency of content and my consistency of effort into my craft I could say that I’ve created a possible reality for myself to play pro ball and plan to read the overseas book to bring it more into reality. So thank you once again big bro.

Justin Trilly

I would sometimes let [lack of] self-confidence get in my way...

I would sometimes let [lack of] self-confidence get in my way... Dre helped me get my mind right and become the person who I wanted to be. I highly recomend Dre for anyone who wants to to get on the path of getting your mind right and achieving the things that you really want to do. Work On Your Game!

John Madson​​
Financial Adviser, Business Owner

Outstanding value as always

Very very powerful edition of your podcast. Must have struck a particular chord with me. Thanks for providing outstanding value as always.

Carl Coldham

You have helped me find my calling

Dre you are the best. I am now going to begin on my new journey. You have helped me find my calling and I will continue listening to you daily so that I never forget “Work on Your (Mental) Game”.

Henry Nielsen

When I'm thinking about giving up I watch some of your videos...

You really helped me out tonight dre, right when I'm thinking about giving up I watch some of your videos and read about your story and you've inspired me. Thank you for sharing your progress online. It really gives people someone to look up to when it feels like they got nobody.


Shed a lot of light of where we need to be and what he needs to do...

Hello Dre,My name is Jessica Major and I wanted to just reach out to you and thank you for taking the time to write out the article of "You 10-Step Overseas Basketball".My significant other has always wanted to look forward to joining the Overseas Basketball scene but we were in a little rut of trying to figure out what actually works and what doesn't. After reading your article, it has shed a lot of light of where we need to be and what he needs to do personally to go where he needs to be.I'm reaching out to thank you for your guidance of not only us but several other people.Jessica Major

Jessica Major

Listen every morning

I am new to this podcast but omg I do not start my morning without this. Dre has an energy and directness that makes me reflect on my own actions and how I internalize what I take in in my day. Even if it’s just how I go through my daily tasks, Dre’s work always helps rewire my brain and just so better. Make sure to listen!!


Dre All Day is a must listen

Dre All Day is seriously the man. He knows his stuff. The content he covers on this work on your game podcasts is for all you entrepreneurs, business people, and even all you average joes. Dre shows you how to boost your confidence in anything that you do. Dre informs you how to make things happen in your life rather than you being the victim of things happening to you. Also he is the most consistent human being on the Internet and that is a fact. Dre Baldwin is a must listen. #Workonyourgame


You’ve Given me more Confidence to Work On My Game

Hey I watched one of your YouTube videos on motivational tips if you did not make a basketball team. I'm a sophomore in high school and I recently changed to a new school where I tried out for its basketball team. I tried out and the last day of tryouts the JV coach pulled me and a few others over and told me that I wouldn't make the team and that he wanted to play on the freshman team to get more experience because I have never played AAU or nothing. This was really embarrassing but I see it as a opportunity to get better and prove everyone wrong. Everyone always says I too small and that's all I ever hear from people. People think I am a freshman😂. Anytime someone talks to me about making the basketball team I get embarrassed because it makes me look weak. Anyways after watching your video it gives me more confidence to work on my game and get better without worrying about what people think of me. Thank you


So thankful to have found your podcasts

When I started the "mental game" components of our softball practice last year (which is sitting in a meeting room talking about working together, being mentally tough, etc), I had no idea what I was doing. I knew that they needed to get stronger mentally but as a chemist I had no idea where to start or how to do it. So I just started looking on iTunes and hoping for the best. I was so thankful to have found your podcasts, specifically that there were so many episodes that I could have them listen to and then we would get together and discuss them. Somehow, you became their "Justin Bieber" and they were completely giddy when they posted those posed pics on Instagram and you commented.

Lisa Mundy

I needed to come and personally thank you for taking the chance to assort your life experiences and success framework on this exceptional piece of work.

Dre,As I heaved and mounted my backpack onto my shoulders, while making my way out of class and into my university's library, earlier today -- I pulled out my Mac and began to search for sports books, simply for consumption purposes. And by search, I don't mean in a feverish manner. I was seeking a book for the plain purpose of enhancing my knowledge in either baseball, basketball, football -- a tad bit more. Before I move forward, I must confess: I’ve never considered myself to be an avid reader. I don’t have an exact count, but throughout my 22 years of life, I’ve purchased approximately 10 to 15 books -- having only read two in its entirety, and most of them having been open once or twice since its acquisition. Now, back to my anecdote.I had been scrolling through several sports-related books in about six minutes or so, up until I came across ‘Work on Your Game.’ Although I love playing sports as much as I enjoy watching sporting events, I never once played on a team -- nor at school or on an organized league. Despite residing right across my high school, I always belittled the same processes that led to your retirement as a professional basketball player -- as noted in the intro section of your book. As you can possibly already denote, we possess some of the similarities, as described in your book. I am a 22 year-old college senior, vying for his marketing degree.The purpose of this message/email, however, is not to iterate a synopsis about my college experience. The only sector that is important for you to know is that I’m in good educational standing and will be walking this coming May. As I encountered your book, I instantly knew I had to give it a chance. Obviously, I had no clue about the book, nor about yourself -- which means that I’ve only known about you for about a couple of hours. As I try to find my to the table of contents, expecting to encounter in-depth analysis about the game of basketball, I commence noticing a trend regarding personal improvement -- such as ‘Eliminate Self-Consciousness And Performance Anxiety, Forever’ and ‘Selling Yourself.’ As of right now, I’m midway through Chapter 1 of your book, and decided I needed to come and personally thank you for taking the chance to assort your life experiences and success framework on this exceptional piece of work. I was touched by your anecdote regarding your post-grad conversation you had with both of your parents about your intentions to live out your dreams as a professional basketball player. As someone who shares an entrepreneurial mindset myself, I plan on having that same conversation with my parents, which I know will be tough.

Irvin Morales

Help with dealing success, work life, relationships, selfcare, personal investment

I started listening to dre podcast in 2016 since then this podcast has help with dealing success, work life, relationships, selfcare, personal investment and setback this is a great podcast.


I’m a poker player and your stuff has helped my game a lot! 

Wanted to thank you for being you! I’m a poker player and your stuff, podcast mostly, has helped my game a lot! Work on your game, Dre all day!Friday’s episode, 1150, is perfect timing. I’m in the World Series of Poker Main Event and I did very very well on the first day. It’s a ten day tournament. I must temper my excitement, not post to Facebook how many chips I have, etc. yes, great start, but I’m playing to win. It’s the first 5 minutes of the game. It’s like scoring 10 points in the first quarter and bragging, then you play bad the rest of the game and your team loses. You look a fool. To think of it as this huge mountain of a ten day tournament is wrong. To worry about getting through each day is wrong. There are 5 levels per day, to think about just getting through each level is wrong. It’s about playing each individual hand of poker to my best ability, focus on the task at hand, be present. At the end of the tournament, if I can look in the mirror and say I played each hand the very best I could then I didn’t lose. Dre all day.

Chad Mize
Professional Poker Player

You gave me advice and I took to heart because it came from you...

A while ago we messaged and you gave me advice and I took to heart because it came from you and it helped me get on to play for school basketball now I look back I appreciate you thank you, you owe me nothing love God bless you


Constant flow of resource and information.

He can get you going if you need some motivation or make you work even harder than you already are. Great, knowledgable thoughts and information. I recommend for everyone. Plus, it's only 10-20 minutes a day and if you can't sacrifice that much time for self improvement then I'm sorry for you.


Your videos are very good and helpful!

What a small World Dre. I have been watching your videos for a while and I just found out that you also went to E&S Alumni. Don't worry the building didn't look like that when I Graduated in 2008 lol. Your videos are very good and helpful!Thanks,Josh



Love the podcast, as a fan of Dre from YouTube this podcast has been everything I expected & more.The podcasts are concise and perfect in length for the drive to work, school, wherever.The quality is top level & Dre consistently delivers an interesting topic with enlightening perspectives.



Some of the best motivational talks I've ever heard. Makes you want to literally "Work on your game" to be the best you possibly can be


I tip my hat to you for the work you are doing

As a former athlete that has also made the jump to entrepreneurship, I tip my hat to you for the work you are doing with the podcast and all of your other endeavors.

Ian Warner
Entreprenuer / Athlete

An immediate improvement

Been hearing compliments all day about your presentation. It really resonated with the audience. One of the attendees teaches dance part-time. She used some of your ideas at her class last night. It had to do with switching partners around. She actually saw an immediate improvement in one of her dancers. Thought you’d enjoy hearing this.Best regards,

Jim Miller
Senior Director

Thank you for changing my life

I’ve been watching/reading your content since I was in High School (6 years ago). I just want to take the time to thank you for changing my life. I’m in a better place mentally and physically and will continue to strive to become the best version of me. Waiting on your next book.

Jerome Morelos

The students were talking abut your talk ALL DAY TODAY!!!!

Thank you!!!!!! You were amazing!!!! The students were talking abut your talk ALL DAY TODAY!!!!

Melissa Meidinger

Helped me get out of unemployment

I've been following your DreAllDay youtube channel for over a year now. And your inspiration, among others, helped me get out of unemployment and recently helped me even land my dream job. I can't thank you enough!

Simon Vanleeuw
Business Professional


What can I say, I've learned so much from Dre. I like his personality, like his style, straight to the point, no fluff. He's real, raw, and tells it like it is. I look forward to Dre's post on the daily, helps keep me grounded and centered while I'm out here pushing for my goals.

Kharon LaQua

Smooth and easy to read

This book is outstanding. I read the intro and immediately knew that it was something I wanted to read--which is good because anyone who reads it will immediately know if it's what they're looking for or not. I love the Examine Your Game boxes, and feel like it has a great balance of information and action items. I also love the easy-to-understand examples, like the vending machine. The way it's written is smooth and easy to read. Most of the chapters tease the content of the next chapter, which made me want to keep reading it. Fabulous work!

Lisa Mundy

Work on your game

If you want to be the best at what you do he is the man that can get you there🙌🏽🏀

Jaylan Coats

Thank you for showing me that life isn’t hard!

Dear Dre,I came upon your YouTube videos a few months ago while searching for basketball drills for my son to use. I don’t play basketball but figured, if my son wants to improve, he must practice. I started watching your videos and talks, learning that basketball takes strategy, that every aspect in basketball takes strategy such as dribbling, passing, shooting, etc. In order to improve in basketball, one must improve each individual basketball skill. I learned this same concept applies to life. I no longer watch your basketball drill videos; but I watch and listen to all your other videos and now your podcasts. A search for basketball drills for a 12 year old soon became a life epiphany for me. Thank you for showing me that life isn’t hard. We all have goals, visions, large or small. If we want to go from point A to point B, all the way to Z, we just have to do it. It’s simple, the answer is strategy. We can accomplish anything we want, we just have to make the effort, and put strategy to it. I can go on and on about what I’ve learned from you, but I won’t. What I will do is put what I’ve learned to use, and take action.Thank you.Jenny

Jaiknee Voo

Great Information

I started listening to this podcast over a year ago and I have been hooked ever since. Dre gives great advice that can be applied to every area of life. Great show!


I lived by your philosophy and now because of that I’m a national champ

Hey Dre, I just wanted to say Thank You for all of your help on reaching my goals, almost 2 years ago I set out the goal of winning a national championship and I did just that this past month. For these past 2 years I really focused in on myself and really worked on getting better each and everyday. I lived by your philosophy and now because of that I’m a national champ. Thank You so much for everything Dre And it’s only the beginning 🤩

Adam Murphy
Basketball Player

Constantly turning down clients because there simply are too many! I cannot thank you enough for being as real as possible.

Hi Dre! Will post this publicly but I also really wanted to tell you directly.It’s been exactly one year since I’d been listening to your podcasts. It started when I was on my way to my miserable job at a horrible architecture company. A team of 45 architects and 2 interior designers including myself. They had us working 14 hour days with no paid overtime, it was exhausting and completely upsetting to think this was all my industry could be. One fed up morning, I couldn’t stomach going to work, in need of some motivation I somehow stumbled upon your podcast and everything changed from then on. I went in every morning charged and motivated. Still hated my job entirely but it pushed me to have bigger ambition and a ‘no excuses’ attitude which has really became apart of the way I organically operate today.You helped me realise my potential, my talent, what drives me. Taught me to fuck the excuses, opinions and the norm. One ballsy day I left that job, and started my own business. Immediately I was petrified of what I had just done. “How will I get clients? This isn’t going to work... what were you thinking???” But I stuck to it, stayed brave and worked on marketing.3 months into my business opening and I am constantly turning down clients because there simply are too many! I wake up driven, excited and charged every single day. I cannot thank you enough for being as real as possible.It’s weird to think you’ve been a big part of my day for a year and you have no idea who I am 😂 Anyways, keep doing what you’re doing.

Tania Jeyda

I listen to your podcast before my games, you given me a different mentality.

I appreciate you, I listen to your podcast before my games, you given me a different mentality. Before I let people walk over me on the court because I love basketball, I was just glad to be out there but now I'm doing it for my family.

J Huncho

Middle aged lady here... Love the motivation aspect

Middle aged lady here. I live in Gainesville Florida. Love your emails. I'll be buying some of your books. Love the motivation aspect. I found your site due to your comments on the Ball brothers playing in Lithuania. Love your Philadelphia and Penn State stories. My ancestors came over to Philadelphia in the 1680's and lived in caves along the Schuylkill River when the ships landed as there was not enough housing for the Quakers. Mom grew up in Jenkintown, Dad in Bryn Athyn. Both hardcore Penn Staters. You are a great writer! Now I'm off to select some books. Brandy

  • "... Your videos are really an inspiration and a great knowledge source, keep up the good work. Hopefully, ill see you in the NBA soon. You are one of the hardest workers so dont give up." -Ammad Bajwa

  • "I just had email you to let you know that your skills are amazing. thank you for all the clips you've posted... i find your drills very helpful. keep up the good work... you are an inspiration." - Jay Park

  • "Hey Dre, I ran into your video on Youtube. The one with the "Here I Am" soundtrack. I instantly became so concentrated on your talent. From there, of course, not surprisingly I continued onto your website... I went through everything, well.. almost everything. I was greatly inspired by your Frequent Q&A ... The basketball one. Telling everyone that you cant do this or do that for them, but the real talent is in the player and is discovered first by him/her before it can be discovered by anyone else. I strongly agree with this... You obviously already answered my question, Hardwork and Dedication which is exactly what Im gonna do... Im gonna spread your website to all my ballin friends. Im sure they'll love it as much as I do... Once more, I hope Ive passed across the level of admiration I have for you as a player, and the inspiration you've given to me to become a player like yourself." - Kasope Ayodele

  • "yo, I'm gonna start training hardcore man like i used too, my goal is to make it to the NBA too man... ;) you are a legend man i hope you make it." - JAiM3-

  • Hey Dre, I just wanna say thank you for putting up all these videos eachday....I have something too look forward too:) - Bibiboy97 via YouTube

  • "Yo dude, you are the man! You motivate me to work so much harder in basketball. I look forward to see you playing NBA. You now have a new fan!"- ¥Edddie¥

  • "wt up mane...i saw ur youtube video... i workout alot like you and ur homeboy does... im going out on a limb just to ask you for help..but i aint got nothing to lose and i got a lot of faith in God and he lead me in ur direction." - hibachi

  • "i like how u dont lead kids on with advice it makes them work for things. i'm 15 and noboby ever had to tell or give me advice on how to be better but im one of the best player in my city. so bascially im sayin its refreshing to see someone who has shared the similar struggles as i have. hope to see you playing alongside wade someday." - born ready

  • "I gotta thank yu for the inspiration and work on my weak ass game." - LeWiE g-hood fellas ent

  • "wats goin on dre i gota question.. when u plan on enterin da draft for da nba cuz i seen u play and all and i be seein how hard u work on youtube and all dat. so when u gon enter tha draft ma brother cuztime is yo only compitition.." - *DAMian™*
  • "Whats up... I was watching your clips (because im always looking for nice workouts since im playing in college next year) and thanks for what you are doing to the kids watching you for free!!!" -Mouad Achab

  • "I'm a big fan, your writing is funny/interesting. I hope you make it to the NBA." - Scott Tierney


  • "Hi Dre! My name is Fatmir Begu and I am from Sweden. I would love to get a DreallDay shirt if it´s possible. I have whatched all of your videos and I think you are an amazing Basketball player. I wish you all the best in the world. I hope you achive your goals, and some day I see you in NBA." - Fatmir Begu

  • "...that would be such an inspirational thing to have with me! since everytime i visit your blog i'm motivated so having your T-shirt will be so great! Dre people love you now because they are convinced you're gonna make it to the Pros (it's like they convince themselves of that) but how many people really support you and will always be there for ya even if fail. (i know you'll make it because you've got heart! its easy to tell). but most of all, you make people THINK! for real Dre your blog goes beyond "I love basketball"....it just depends on how people read it...i think I benefit the most out of it because I take it as an example for some things... Take care Dre...I support and will always support what you do. Adam, paris-dubai-london (longgggg story)."

  • "Yo Dre, I found your contact info when I was on youtube looking for some dribbling drills to work on with my AAU kids. I saw yours and I thought it was very informative. I used it to show my kids at practice the other night via my iphone. The kids love the part 1... I like what your doing and I like the way that you are doing it. If you are ever in the Fairfax, Leesburg VA or Charles Town WV area I would love to hook up with you to do a demonstration for my kids." - Fred Mack; Triple5Baksetball

  • "What up Dre, Great site and good work on your ballin, good to see someone take time to document there life like you do, much respect. Ill rock the T-shirt with pride ha." -Jamie Rillay

  • "Hey Dre i am 14 years old and i practice basketball most days and would like to be in the NBA one day, (their are only 2 english players in the NBA currently(luol deng and thomas) i am a big fan from england and i watch your videos daily on youtube and i WILL see you on tv in the NBA soon, i would love to wear one of your t-shirts and show how much of a fan i am and thankyou for the kind offer of the t-shirts, Good luck in getting in the NBA (even though you dont need it!)" Antoney Crossley

  • "I'll most definately be keeping up with your ascent to the top. Your work ethics great,and inspires. While sleeping, Dre Baldwins puttin in work. Keep doing your thing Bro." - Tay Brown

  • "Hey dre i'm a big fan of your videos (i've subscribed) and your journey to get into the nba. If you keep working as hard as you are I am sure you will get into the nba. I am 14 years old and I have started to work really hard and practice every day to get as good as you and into the nba and I would greatly appreciate if you could send me a dreallday T-shirt and I would probably never take it off!" - James

  • "Hy Dr. Dre! I respect your work, and I hope that you will get in the NBA by 2010! I am not so good in english so I wont write too much :-) . Greetings from Europe, and I hope you will answer... Thanks four your time!" - Mate Juresko

  • "Your videos of dribbling drills are very good. I'm going to be practicing them in preparation for IM basketball. Keep it up." - Steve Fang


  • ""If you do exactly what I do, you can never be better than me!" When I saw this sentence in your YouTube page, I told me, THAT'S WHAT I WANTED TO HEAR I watch your video every day, almost one where U said-No Excuses-Do Somethings Every Day-Never Stop WorkingYou're my inspiration (after God, My parents, Jordan and Iverson =P) Thanks to you, i play every day, and I have a better shot and physic (not the best but better than before...) because I want to be better than you and I'll be better than you (I hope) Good luck for the NBA in 2010-2011, good continuation with your beautiful girlfriend and in your life Goodbye and Thank you" - Mickael Bensau

  • "...thank u fo postin all dem videos on youtube it makes me get up n practice on my game n ive gotten a whole lot better but anyway thanks for all da videos n advice it made me a way better basketball player brahh" - Jordan Akel

  • "......just passing by to say hi and let you know that i've been working really hard everyday just like you told me to.....and lets see if someday i get to be as awsome as you jeje" - Eric Arroyo

  • "Im your Fan from Bosnia............:D:D:D awesome vid's makes me train harder (4real)" - hakenpuc via Youtube

  • damn, I started with 14 too! And I believed I started too late! But watching your game level, it gave me strength to keep on! Thank you and Congratulations! *really sorry for the bad English! - BrunoLS09 via Youtube

  • Dude u just read my mind. All i do is go on the internet and play xbox. Thank you man.. U just made me feel like now i can do anything with hard work. - MLGHALO via Youtube

  • Hey Dre, Dude you're such a legend! Until I started to watch your videos I wasn't taking my Basketball as serious as I could! Now that I found your videos I've started taking my Basketball serious and I actually got selected into my areas regional team! Thanks alot, Dre! - YouuMeAtSix via Youtube

  • amazing advice, simple but it totally changed my mindset. i never thought of it that wayy. i loved it when u said "kobe bryant cant help u, dre baldwin cant help u, gilbert arenas cant help u.........." - Cheesed4 via Youtube

  • "dude this is straight-up motivation "work on your fucking game" lol ay dude u shud come 2 japan, yoyogipark some fake ballers der but at da same time some real ballers come during summer time if u can caz dats when da real ballers come out." - hotmal via Youtube

  • "thanks for the motivation ever since i seen this video ive been at the court early in the morning till late at night thanks =D" - myVIdZ25 via Youtube

  • "Í hope... but Im from Argentina... damn man... you have so much potential and sharing these things it helps me alot... thank you man... really... nobody can help me but me but kobe,bron,AI, and you can help me to be motivated every day working my ass off..." - decimeROD via Youtube

  • "This might be the greatest video I've ever seen. Time to be about it!" - spidermanga via Youtube

  • "i remember watching these drills like a half year ago, and from then on i started on my ball handling, now i got the best ballhandling in denmark. im serius! everyone knows me for my ballhandling." - deadlyshoelace via Youtube

  • "i watched your videos and i wish i could play like you do, from your big fan Zach." - Zach

  • "DRE U ARE A LEGEND." - minnimilkz via YouTube

  • "bro u like idol to me." - MrKobe24Best via YouTube

  • "funny story, a couple days ago in practice w/my varsity team we were screwin around and i did this move on a kid and scored and yelled "dre baldwin baby!" 3 kids on my team were like "yo you know about him too?!" haha so ur already getting some attention down here in massachusetts bro." -taylor21horton via YouTube

  • "you are my role model man. im 13 and in 8th grade and the main reason why i made my school team is because of you. keep making awesome videos, i learned so much from you." - abdi7451 via YouTube

  • "yo ur r awsome,i been doin all of ur drills and seen so much improvement!!" - DonnyDeDavon via YouTube

  • "I saw this, and went to your website and read " You don't need to copy everything that I do- use what you see to develop your own way of doing things, better than you see anyone else doing them. If you do exactly what I do, you can never be better than me! " these words really inspired me, because lately I had been trying to copy my favourite NBA player to develop my game but I was not better than myself in the court when I tried to do what I saw. Thanks for good words." - yjo0723 via YouTube

  • "hi dre, i just wanted to let you know that you have really motivated me into becoming a better player. i’m now playing and competing in highschool AAU tournaments.(i’m in 8th grade)" - Sean

  • "I look up to you bro, hope you get in the NBA man." - lilghettoA2003 via YouTube

  • "dead ass dre not gasing you up and shit but i use to look up to nba player when i realize what the fuck for they made it already i look up to you now cause you still chasing the dream man keep working hard." - stevejohnnash21 via YouTube

  • "Dre, you've become the definition of a role model brother, Thanks for da vid and keep working." - Remvasion via YouTube
  • "dre u are a god." - Jack George

  • "Hey d I'm a 36 yr old weekend bballer and father of three who just wants to improve my gm and help my kids. Just wanted to say thanks becuz u have completely inspired me and have given me the blueprint to take my gm to another level. God bless u bro!!!" - bombsquad1974 via YouTube

  • Hey Dre, I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for your videos man. Not so much the drills, which don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they're bad, they are helpful but for me it's the videos were you talk about mental things such as confidence. I was playing pick-up ball tonight and normally I go into games thinking, ok well I want to play but how can I keep from messing up, and tonight I went in thinking I was going to dominate and win, and I did. I was confident, aggressive, and I thought I was the best player on the court. I was driving to the basket, scoring, getting assists, getting rebounds, blocking shots, doing some good moves, just doing good overall. I even heard one guy talking about how good I was to his friend, haha. Just wanted to say thanks because you've helped me to push myself, be confident, and be aggressive. Good luck to you man, I hope to hear Charles Barkley talking about you one day. - WeeWonder via YouTube

  • Bro I have been watching your training videos and they have really helped out my handling a lot. My shot is a lot better as well. - Matthew Holden

  • Kissing Up/ Thx: You really got skills man, I've seen a few of your videos and your handles and shooting are really impressive. Seeing some of your videos, and how good of a player you are, has really inspired me to work harder. I'm a 5'11 Indian kid, trying to make my sophomore basketball team after 2 years of being cut. I'm working harder than ever before. Thanks for all the videos you put up, it really helps to see how a pro does it. - Ashwaan

  • you are the best plyer in miami and I am serious better than dwade and keep up your game baby! - hankywu via YouTube
  • dre, just want to thank for all the vids you' ve been uploading. helped me alot with specially with my confidence. - Bryan Cornejo

  • Ayo Dre! Im a freshman in my highschool I got cut from my basketball team and all. I wanted to tell you that you have inspired my to limits I didn't think I would experience and I have made a goal. My goal is to work on my game everyday, never taking a day off, putting my soul on the court that by the time Im a senior I will be as good or better than you. Now this is no beef I just want to describe how you have helped me in my time of need and brought my hopes up. I have seen most of your vids and I have worked on my fucking game. So finally I wanna thank you for all your help.Thanks, Deonis

  • hi im kid from taiwan~ that help me alot~ thank you~ - gilzero520 via YouTube

  • I have so much respect for you man - bjville via YouTube

  • Dre, i luv u man those words went deep down into my heart and god willin i will get better at my game. - 3334445554 via YouTube

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  • My bro, I hope u gon achieve what u deserve. Uve been working hard, we always love n support u bro. U amazing...keep that more amazing... Also keep inspiring us ! Love u bro. - Jakie Tee

  • you are truly an inspiration, i watch your dvd all the time and my ballhandling has increased very much!! im also subscribed to you on youtube! its great to know someone out there is willing to help people for free in something that most comapanies charge a fourtune for!! i just want to thank you for your huge contribution you have given, most arent like you, take it easy brotha man. - PJ Jackson

  • Thanks for all of your help, and taking your time to make these videos, that not only helps me, but other people as well. All of your videos have greatly helped me increase my game and confidence and gave me a better understanding of the game, and also life itself. You will one day be in the NBA, you are better then half of the players in the League, you know it and all of your viewers do too. Just keep working hard, and you will be there. Again thank you for all of your time and help. - Xavier Fremont

  • yo dre i got to say thx u for these ball handle drills at first i was just crossing ppl to the right now im crossing ppl left and right :0 thx...dreallday!!!! - toryjwilliams via YouTube

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  • my nigga, i been completely wastin this talent ive been givin until a month ago. ( played aau all my life and quit before college because i didnt have the drive). ur vids showed me what hardwork and dedication really is. i must say my skill now is becoming pretty good and im positive i can walk on to the univ. of md bball team when i finally transfer. ima keep working everyday jus like i should. goodlooks on the vids man - MrKeMiKaL25 vai YouTube

  • thank God for Dre Baldwin. - khyhRockonn via YouTube

  • Yo dre i aint sure if you remember me but half a year ago i couldnt dunk and im 6'4''.Today i killed the 2hand tomahawk on a 10ft rim all thanks to your only tip: keep jumpin' - BGOverLord via YouTube

  • Wanna thank you for all these vids man, they're just inspiration to improve my game. I even started dunking recently ! thnx - PiliSmasher

  • thanks these videos, i can slash and shoot quite well, thank you dre! :) - aznpretzelord via YouTube

  • i'm in italy and i wish this cold ends soon so i can practice ur last moves at playground.. Ur effort and motivation are a great example for me, since i saw u on youtube u changed my mind.. im 19 yo and i dont care about university or what people thinks about me.. now i wanna be the best baskeball player possibile.. im working on my fuckin game thanks to u man, keep up with ur job. much love from italy - Prof360 via YouTube

  • thank you SO MUCH man, your video really helped me out! - DLSNDLVR via YouTube

  • Dre, Your'e so awesome i idolize you! - 17dnomyar via YouTube

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  • Just wanna say ya vids are str8 to the point and informative bruh.. gud looking and hope u reach ya goals sooner than later cuz u def giving back hard body! - andersonjayson via YouTube

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  • ive decided to take my game to the next level going into my sophomore year of highschool. i cant tell u how important your drill and motivation vids are to me bro - hallaballa29 via YouTube

  • Hi Dre I'm 11 yrs. old and I just want to say thanks to you. After watching many videos of you my game got a lot better. Now I'm starting in my school's varsity team. Much love from the Philippines. - MrYuanDumandan via YouTube

  • i just wanted to say thank you because watching ur videos has improved my game alot! - magicfan105 via YouTube

  • I have those shorts lol...But anyway, that aggressive mindstate approach to games video you posted about a week or so ago realllyyyyyy helped. I've been playing so fearlessly lately and my game seems to be on the level I know it could be on. Thanks man, you are the best. - sofresh4life via YouTube

  • Damn you motivate me more and more with every episode of Weekly Motivation!!! You know what life is about! And its great that you share you knowledge with us and try to help us! I'm from germany and its 11pm! Right now I get off my computer, go to sleep, to get up early tomorrow to do the best of my time! Just wanted to give something back to you! Thanks Dre - jonibasket0 via YouTube

  • Soon i will buy all of your handbooks .. i really want it ! thank you that you are helping me and others with some moves,tips, and all the things that you do every single day ..... thank you - TheBenWein via YouTube

  • Hey Dre thank ya brah i just recently got into baskrtball(usually hated it becuace i sucked) but i saw how one of my friends in high school was really good and i said damn i wanna be like that so i trained and im straight up beast and i used one of your jab step technique on this kid and i was like DAMN!!!!!!!!!!! that was beast but yeah anyway you helped me alot in bball - marioracingfan17029 via YouTube

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  • I'm only in the 6th grade, yet all of your videos helped me so much. I'm now MVP of my team. :) - theshowstopper96 via YouTube

  • Yo dre! i really admire you. im 5'9, 130 pounds, and my dream is to play in the nba. i live in canada so basketball isnt that big cuz of hockey, so i never thought i had a chance to get drafted, and with my size, i didnt think any1 would ever want me. but reading the comments u allways say that these things r just excuses, and thats what made me realize that anything iwant can happen if i put in enough work. thx 4 everything dre and good luck making it to the nba! - z8a26 via YouTube

  • Dre you've made me such a better player. I love how much time and effort you put in, that truly is the only way of becoming great. Love your motivation videos too! - TheMrJumpman via YouTube

  • dre, ever scince i have watched you i have improved so much and i never played basketball before, i have been going to the ymca and playing against collage people and now everyone says i am like jeremy lin, came out of no where and cross everyone, drive with speed and pull a j from anywhere. and friends laugh and yell"ooohh!!" at me at how much i improved and when i make someone fall down thats older than me and play for an adult team. i feel so accomplished thanks to you..... im only 14 too. - ikagusta10 via YouTube

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  • Thanks for the help DRE , back then i was a poor shooter from the outside but you helped me alot im a rain maker now in the outside because of you man! TNX! - 17dnomyar via YouTube

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  • Watching Your Videos Have Really Made Me A Better Player........Good Looking Out Dre.......One Day iWud Like To Play Yhu N See If The Student Can Surpass The Teacher Hehehe - killakenn1 via YouTube

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  • thanks dre, by listening to you're videos i scored 12 points out of 24-14 half time - BeatboxingFilo via YouTube

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  • Yo Dre. Can' thank you enough for how much better I've gotten thanks to you. Your vids give me confidence in my abilities. Hope you make the NBA bro. - kolombiankid23 via YouTube

  • Yo Dre.. I'm 33, played bball at a high level as a youngin,city, highschool, college whatever. I stopped playing around 25-26 (Kids,family,work) I picked it up again last year. Looking for tips to resharpen my fundamentals and your videos have brought it all right back. The drills, mindset. These videos are gold. For ANYONE.. young looking to go to college or pro or for a guy like me who loves the game that looks to improve for MYSELF. Wish I had these vids when I was 14. Might have gone pro. A lot of what you give on here a lot of kids simply wouldn't know. Some grow up in other countries, small towns where they simply don't have the coaching to teach them properly. The stuff you share is changing a lot of kids lives. I'm 33 and it's helped my game like you would not believe.I appreciate what you're doing. No one wants weak game and your tips and instruction are great especially for our younger generation. #SALUTE! - sdubbjets via YouTube

  • You don´t know half how helpful you are man, I spent 2 hours of my practice time yesterday just to analyse your videos and implement some of these moves into my game. Keep this up man, I really appreciate these videos! - 11ward11 via YouTube

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  • Hey Dre thanks for being a good role model. We appreciate your vids - MrBeasy11 via YouTube

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  • You've been blessed aha! watching you shoot is just... wow speechless! - Blazequis via YouTube

  • I added this drill to my morning workout because I like it a lot, I rotated and perform the drill on each side and I like it so much because you can work on your off-hand dribbling, and your mid-range jumper at the same time. thanks dre! - ChristiansBallervids via YouTube

  • from now on if anybody asks me who my favorit basketball player is im answerin Dre Baldwin (: - greeksta239863 via YouTube
  • you inspire me dre thx! - MJerrek via YouTube

  • You would be nice to have as a basketball mentor for anyone. Great videos, they are very helpful. - mearblake10 via YouTube

  • Great stuff Dre, you have a way of making perfect sense whenever you open your mouth. It's a rare gift alot of people lack! - scorchie87 via YouTube

  • thanks so much fucking gonna work everyday in the summer join all these camps and build on my game so my this season next year im gonna fuking lead my fucking shitty team to the championship thanks fucking dre all fucking day fucking dot COM THANKS! - ElectrikBeast via YouTube

  • masterchef dre baldwin order one of his cookbooks for the best recipes ever - YaCantJudgeMe via YouTube

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  • thankyou dre for all the vids, we had rewards night at coaches plc last night and i got mvp for this season, thankyou for all your help, i really appreciate it - kdakadurantula via YouTube

  • Dre! You have no idea how much yuv helped me, I've made my basketball team, People now think im the best at my school, I've beaten my brothers, 19 and 27. I practice everyday for 4-5 hours. If it's too hot or too cold, and if it's windy i just work on my inside game.Everyday i get so much better, by watching film and studying the game, but also going out there and playing. What i learned from you wasn't moves or tricks, it was dedication, thanks again man. I'll be seeing you in the NBA :) - lalalaelfullin via YouTube

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  • you're the best Dre! - SAthenextON3 via YouTube

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  • that moves nasty and thanks for putting the hoop handboooks out I started the crossover one and my crossover is tremendous after two days - DAMUSICMAN222 via YouTube

  • Dre I want to thank you for uploading EVERY day much appreciated, I've been working on my game and going to keep working on it until I leave for Basic Training for the Air Force with your help I hope I make the Air Force basketball team. - Drag1DownENT via YouTube

  • Dude I fucking love you - demonLXK via YouTube

  • Thanks for all your drills! I score 7 at the last quarter and my team won by 2 points!!! - welsonlamchunwang via YouTube

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  • Dre nice to see something like that, greetings straight from the Poland ! all day ! - HeGotGameVID
  • u give a lot of tips, i will use / thx Dre ! - HeGotGameVID via YouTube

  • Dre, you're under rated if you're a pro free agent. You got talent man. Not just coming from someone who is not as good. I play AAU and High school ball and I'm always looking for ways to improve my game and you help alot. I can see you helping a championship caliber team in the NBA. - AGilla15

  • Hey dre, your real good help to people who just started getting interested in playing now. My game has improved in the past couple of months just working hard on and off the courts thanks to your videos man. - Jvjvrd94 via YouTube

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  • dre, you're making me taking a shower and get ready right now and head out to the courts. you're a fucking a legend man! - tomtomdudeXD via YouTube

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  • wow man you are amazing thats all i gotta say.. - BlowinUpOvaNight via YouTube

  • i more than appreciate your videos , i wish i could put my appreciation into words . the important thing is whether you reach where you want to be or not just know that what you are doing here with these videos is helping thousands of people getting to where they want to be because of you and i think thats enough . Thanks again dre . have a nice day... fuck all those great philosophers in life . In my opinion , people world wide should be quoting your words and spreading this out . because this right here is GOLD . thanks for giving us GOLD - BlowinUpOvaNight via YouTube

  • Thank you for your time in making these videos dre. I'm 27 and love basketball. If only I would have had someone like you to practice and train I would have probably played professional somewhere. I hope these young kids today are taking advantage of your videos. Take care :) - BIGBOSS1983100 via YouTube

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  • You make me from Center from bench to Point Guard who scores 30 points in every game thanks man - ThePykado via YouTube

  • yur just way too sick i look up to u aha hopefully my game will be as good as yers - JKGhostify via YouTube

  • Ok my dream is not to become an pro basketball player. My dream is to become a famous Hip Hop artist. And this video helps me realize the competion imma get so thankyou. - KennyHyuga via YouTube

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  • i just saw your channel yesterday and i am already a huge fan. + one like . - KobeOwnzzz24 via YouTube

  • Whenever I get down and out mentally and I feel that I'm about throw in the towel on playing this game, I go through your weekly motivation videos, meditate deeply on what you say and get back in the lab again the very next day to continue working on my game. I thank God for creating you and blessing you with so much insight. You are truly an inspiration to many people. You have real good soul man.I pray that whatever you do in life, may you have much success in doing so. 1 luv n' God Bless - ADQC21212525 vai YouTube

  • damn dre ur channel is a goldmine, i just started ballin and you give me mad motivation to get at it everyday - Tom Brese via YouTube

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  • i just saw your channel yesterday and i am already a huge fan. + one like . - KobeOwnzzz24 via YouTube

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  • yo dre I have been practicing for about 7 am to 8 pm (unless I have to go to work) your my inspiration and I have been domonating for a while now - yoyopooify via YouTube

  • Dre I wanna say thanks after this video I was playing in a tournament at my local gym and I went off for 15 or more and I kept on saying in my mind no one can't fuck with me and furthermore I was making the crowd go crazy.................thanks dre I should of known - dwadetilldeath via YouTube

  • hey dre - i commented a few months ago i fractured my tibia and was casted/on crutches for awhile. i've since been off and have been getting back in the gym because of the things you've said; but at the same time, your weekly motivation videos have gone beyond the court; they're beginning to make a difference in other aspects of my life. truly a "big brother i never had" perspective. again - appreciate it all. - bobax via YouTube

  • Dre, I've done this easy drill for about 2 months. My handles are too nice now. I love your channel. - Yamahxvidz via YouTube

  • I previously have sucked these past baseball games, watched your mental side of ball vid and BAM went 3-3 for the first time in what seems like forever. Thx! - CRstud24 via YouTube

  • Your slogan is simple but gets the point across, you can't expect to get better if you don't put the work in. Anytime I watch your vids it gets me pumped up to practice! - Bryan Pancakemix via YouTube

  • Hey dre, I know this probly doesnt affect you one way or the other, but i figured id let you know you helpd me alot, People told me id never play ball in college cause i never played for the school team in basketball, or im two short, or im not quick enough, but I used alot of your ballhandling and workout tips, plus some of my own stuff, and ive improved beyond what i thought i could do. I got tryouts in october and i feel like ive got a good shot at it. Thanks for the vids. Keep em coming. - James Cannon via YouTube

  • Dude you're the best much respect!!! - spookkG74 via YouTube
  • greetings from serbia :), u helped me , when i stop using drugs, now i am back on the court :D - TheWeedmate via YouTube
  • man ima starter for my high school freshman team thx to you - jkkh7787 via YouTube

  • Dre i'm just 14 and i live in holland And i play on the best team of my country besauce I waching youre vids ;d Thanks man , Don´t Quitte -  MrRemcoremco via YouTube

  • hey dre im going to try to post "thanks" on all your vids from now on just so you know that there is always someone out there who appreciates what you do -  MrInsaneSam via YouTube

  • Thanks man, i subscribed and i played my first organized basketball game today and this helped me feel more confident. - flygangsta99 via YouTube

  •  these drills have really helped mii even though im not point gaurd thanks alot dre keep it up - bkpatyyrick via YouTube

  • thanks dre, u learn me lots of moves and now i can create my own combo moves. Thank Dre :) - anthony13king via YouTube

  • you are the man. you have an answer to every one of my basketball problems. thank you for your guidance. - Zinsian via YouTube

  • u make awesome motivation vids - alex cole via YouTube

  • for real man to me its not even about looking up your tutorials because i don't have that dedication and passion like you do but i always watch your videos because i want to see a guy who works hard and get somewhere he wants to be. I have commented many times before but i support you dre keep working at it hard and sacrifices may come in your life but it can only go so far to the point where you don't want it anymore. You love basketball man i can clearly see that now - TheDchau via YouTube

  • dre thank you now i can make a jumpshot with soth tuch - 990flowlow via YouTube

  • Thank you dre.... i can't ever thank you enough now im a descent player and all it's because of your videos and motivated me to put in the work - XxXSikario343XxX via YouTube

  • thank you dre, so many videos of you have helped me with my game....keep it up. - TheKobe24laker via YouTube

  • Yo dre u that dude lol - Warren7255 via YouTube

  • thx heeps dre, i have a grand final and semi final on dah same day and its reps div 1 so i cant stuff up, you the man :D - charlotte mackiepawson via YouTube

  • the big brother!!! thanks for the advice - datuboa via YouTube

  • you watched me work on my game now its time to work on yours haha its still a good line - YaCantJudgeMe via YouTube

  • join the heat and back up d-wade when his knees buggin him ... you two are like the same player hahaha - SplashinTReX

  • GO TO THE NBA NOW!!!!!!! - Whodatsaints13 via YouTube

  • dre all day mother fuckers !!!!!!!w - ThePloard via YouTube

  • Thanks a lot dre, you've been an inspiration on working my game. :bd - Jan Reyes via YouTube

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  • wow this is a sick move... - youcantseeshunyu via YouTube

  • i'll say again, your one peace of gold Dre!!!!! your the best coach! - evostar1992 via YouTube

  • Sweet and effective Dre!! GOT to train this tomorrow and some more varieties of this, big thanks again Dre!!! - evostar1992 via YouTube

  • dre you give me motivation to become a better player, thank you - mildee erickson via YouTube

  • yea Dre this is great!!! liked and favorited so I can watch it before my workout, thanks again Dre! - evostar1992 via YouTube

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