Thank You…

In Personal Growth
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… For continually letting me know through your consumption that there is an audience for my message. 

… For actually applying what you learn — since just reading / buying / listening to it doesn’t prove it useful. 

… For being open enough to let me know when I’ve shared has touched you. It powers me to continue creating. 

… For having the courage to step away from who you have been and into who you want to be. Every success story encourages the next one. 

… For all the reviews, ratings and feedback. 

… To all the basketball players who are no longer chasing hoop dreams, but are still utilizing the #WorkOnYourGame philosophy in other areas of life 

… To the consultants, coaches, teachers, parents, entrepreneurs, gymnasts, softball players, horseback riders, dancers are others from so many eclectic backgrounds who tell me that my message applies to them just as much as it does to the ball players. 

… To everyone who’s sent your photos, videos and stories of personal transformation. 

… To the whiners, complainers and detractors who provide me with plenty of material ideas. 

… To everyone who’s asked a question or shared a challenge. 

… To the Miami restaurant that’s making our Thanksgiving dinner this evening, since Anna and I haven’t ever “made” dinner. 

… To Rita’s Water Ice for opening new locations in South Florida. 

… To Knaus Berry Farm for opening again for another season. Strawberry picking season soon come! 

… To you, for continuing to #WorkOnYourGame 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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