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That Just All They Pay YOU | Dre BaldwinPeople complain about their options sometimes, as if they don’t have the power to make anything happen.

Remember 7-10 years ago, when YouTubers and bloggers were “losers who lived in their parents’  basements”? Not so much the story anymore. The world evolved and people found a way to make money doing it. Now it’s a legitimate full time business option for anyone.

I heard the following from Jim Rohn:

He was complaining to a mentor about his work situation. Jim didn’t feel he was making enough money and complained to his mentor that his company didn’t pay enough. His mentor disagreed.

“Isn’t it true that there are people in that same company who are making more than what you make, Jim?”


“So that’s not all the company pays. That’s just all they pay YOU.”

We’ve all heard Jim’s line of reasoning before. I really want to be a _____, but it doesn’t pay. I majored in _________, because ________ doesn’t pay. I wouldn’t be a _________ because they don’t make any money. 

Everything pays. Everything makes money. If you’re not making money doing it, you’re not making money doing it. Is there someone out there who is? So yes, it makes money.

You just have to change your approach to it, and change the minds of the masses. One action at a time.

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