The 27 Commandments for 2018

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  1. Don’t just accept what they offer you. Take what’s yours.
  2. Ask for more. Usually, you’ll get it.
  3. Get yourself seen as often as possible so as many people as possible know how good you are.
  4. Never blame anyone for anything that happens to you, even when they’ve clearly messed up.
  5. Be aggressive and assertive.
  6. Stop seeking opportunities and BECOME opportunity.
  7. Get more sleep. You will be blown away by how much better your perform, mentally and physically.
  8. Take chances. What do you have to lose?
  9. Stop following the crowd. The crowd is where the average people hang out. And, the crowd is usually wrong.
  10. When everyone is wondering what to do, take the lead and let them follow you.
  11. Stop watching other people and become the person everyone watches.
  12. Get more done in less time.
  13. Destroy your untested beliefs about what you cannot do.
  14. Stay in direct touch — via in-person and phone calls — with friends and family.
  15. Address things as soon as you notice them. Don’t let things fewer and grow.
  16. Develop a sense of urgency.
  17. Emphasize completion of tasks, not just listing or starting them.
  18. Be who you know you can be.
  19. Eat your vegetables. Really — eat your vegetables.
  20. Always do the right thing.
  21. Throw out the garbage: People, actions, situations…
  22. Stop asking permission all the time. Just do it.
  23. You’ve been settling for less. Stop doing that.
  24. Be a force to be reckoned with.
  25. _____________________ (your own self-commandment)
  26. Share this email.
  27. Work On Your Game.
[Every Commandment has been addressed in detail on the Work On Your Game Podcast].

Happy New Year.