The 3 Investment Secrets That Create Success

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There are 5 forms of investment in life. Anything you succeed at requires ALL five of 1) Time 2) Money 3) Attention 4) Energy & 5) Focus.

Look at your career (if you’re proud of it). 

Your fitness (if you’re in good shape). 

Your relationships (the ones you are happy to have). 

Any accomplishment you’re proud of. 

You’ve invested all five forms to create that success. 

I’ve asked this question on livestreams and I’ll ask you: of all the people you know, what percentage are “successful”? You choose how you define “successful.” Of all the people you know, what percentage make the cut? 

When I’ve asked this question, almost never is the answer 50% or higher. It’s always less. 20%, 2%, 0%. 

Most people are not successful because they don’t make these investments. 

The underlying reason is the following 3 truths you should know and remember about the majority of people. 

1) People Are Lazy. Work is WORK for a reason. Work is sometimes hard. Work takes time. It’s much easier to not work than it is to give effort.

While that may be hard for you to fathom, look around: how many people work the way you work? If hard work were easy… you know the rest.

2) People Don’t Think. Thinking is free. And that’s exactly the problem: the things we get for free, are the things we value the least.

We value our material possessions — phones, cars, clothing — more than we value our minds and time, even though your mind and time are worth a lot more.

Thinking requires mental effort. Most people would rather have someone tell them what to think and what their opinions should be rather than doing the work of doing their own thinking and formulating their own opinions.

This is the reason I don’t trust the media anymore: they stopped telling us the objective truth and started assigning us their opinions instead.

3) People Don’t Read. Here’s the deal with books: An author takes 2, 10, even 50 years of their life experience, extracts the most valuable pieces, and puts it all together in a format that you can consume in… 4 hours.

Would you pay 4 hours to get 10 years worth of knowledge? I would. That’s a smart investment.

The Challenge with this investment (and why most people don’t read): reading takes time and focus. Anything you read creates the burden of you now having to do something with it — i.e., effort. Most people won’t sign up for that job. That’s why there are longer lines at the movies than at the bookstore.

Highly successful people who are publicly

noted for their success — they all write books. Is this a coincidence?


BOTTOM LINE: If you want to be exceptional and join the top 5% of humans, do the OPPOSITE of what most people do. You’ll eliminate 95% of your competition.

Ask the most successful person you know this is accurate. They’ll agree.

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