The 4 Key Things Learned (Or Reinforced) In 2019…

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People Are Courageous As Far As Their Courage Is A Show For An Audience. 

People Are Courageous As Far As Their Courage Is A Show For An Audience. Click To Tweet

I worked with a boxing trainer earlier this year. 

He once told me that the real test of whether someone would be a successful boxer was not the training, or how the boxer throws a jab. 

The moment of truth was when the boxer got into a ring and actually got hit. That’s the point when many would-be boxers realize that boxing may not be for them. 

I’m not a boxer and don’t plan on becoming one. But that kind of insight is something I like learning. 

Multiple times in 2019, I dealt with people who put on impressive shows — in front of friends, bosses, employees, even complete strangers. That same courage melted from a solid to a liquid then evaporated to a gaseous vapor when challenged. 

Challenged not to a boxing match, but verbally — to see how strongly a person would stand on their (supposed) convictions when their stance was not readily accepted. 

When challenged, most people either fold, over-correct (disproportionately emotional reactions) or avoid the situation completely. 

How to use this to your advantage: stop blindly accepting everything presented to you, in the form of rules, ideas, even people themselves. 

When They’re Coming To You, Your Price Is Whatever You Say It Is. 

When They're Coming To You, Your Price Is Whatever You Say It Is. Click To Tweet

This is the most important business lesson you’ll ever learn. 

I published several MasterClasses on price and value in 2019; all of them advocated that you, in some way raise your prices. 

THIS technique of getting people to come to you is the fastest and most foolproof way to do it. 

You want people calling your phone, lighting up your inbox, sliding into your DMs. Even though they may not all be worth your time, those who are, are now at your mercy: you set the price. You determine the terms of engagement. 

Things go how you say they go — as long as you maintain your position of the sought-after (ie, don’t be thirsty). 

Get as many people as possible knowing who you are and that you’re good. Then they’ll be coming to you. 

How to use this to your advantage: Get your name known. Get quoted in articles. Go on podcasts. Be in someone’s YouTube video. Speak at events — even if they’re unpaid. The return is worth the investment. 

Objectivity And Facts Matter Less Than Ever. Our World Is Becoming Ever More Subjective. 

Objectivity And Facts Matter Less Than Ever. Our World Is Becoming Ever More Subjective. Click To Tweet

Scott Adams’ last two books focus on this. 

It started when Trump won the Presidency. 

No one thought that a person with no political experience, so many enemies and Twitter as his main medium of communication with the people could possibly win the biggest job in the world. 

Then he won. And the world changed. 

Actually, Trump winning didn’t change the world. Things were already changing; Trump’s win was just a statement that woke some people up. 

Some people are still sleeping. 

I’m a very analytical person. I like breaking things down logically. I’m sensitive to people presenting their opinions as facts. 

Despite this truth about myself, even I have to admit: facts are mattering less and less every day. 

Look at the internet. 

We know that people front on social media. That’s not new. Thing is, the more we use social media, and the less we interact in “real life,” the more that social media BECOMES the real, and the less that “real life” matters. 

Everything is subjective now. Based on what you see and how you see it. 

“The facts” matter less than “the narrative.”

If you want to persuade people these days, don’t bore them with objective facts. We have google for that. Instead… 

How to use this to your advantage: Sharpen your storytelling skills. Learn how to connect your stories to the actions you want from people. This is the #1 sales ability you’ll need for the future. 

Everyone Is Either 100% Truthful, Or 100% Lying. Believe Everything, Or Don’t Believe Anything. 

Everyone Is Either 100% Truthful, Or 100% Lying. Believe Everything, Or Don't Believe Anything. Click To Tweet

The old saying is, “believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear.” 

The new one should be, “believe everything — or believe nothing.” 

As the world is so subjective, and since it’s harder and harder to convince anyone of anything with facts alone, people’s subjective opinions and appearances are actually the new truths that drive action and decision making. 

Which means, you can defy everyone by dutifully pointing it out when people mix a small amount of fact in with heavy doses of opinion. This is what you get on any news network now. 

Or, you can accept that we are moving into a world in which facts are relative: each of us has our own, and that’s just how it is. 

Which means… 

How to use this to your advantage: People skills. You need them. Facts alone don’t cut across all demographics of people. You need to relate to people based on their personal subjective truth, not on the dying industry of objective truth. 

Happy 2020. 

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