The Arsonists Who Starting Fires…

In Personal Initiative
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For most people, change occurs only when things happen to them. 

A lucky break. An unwanted surprise. Some unexpected news that forces someone into action. 

And if nothing happens to them? Well… nothing happens.  

Personal Initiative is the 4th principle tenant of the Work On Your Game philosophy. It’s about making things happen instead of waiting for things to happen

It’s about starting a fire where there is no fire — there may not be any wood or matches or kerosene, either. 

It’s pretty hard to start a fire with no materials. That’s exactly why it’s your job. 

Change agents, people who make things happen, have the rare ability to start fires from nothing and create change. 

Better stated, these people are the fire. They are the change. 

Their presence dictates what happens to or for everyone else — or, if anything happens at all. 

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