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Creators are artists. 

Creators envision something they want to make and bring it to life. 

Art requires foresight, intuition and the enviable ability to make something out of nothing. It sparks things to life. 

Artists often depend on feel for their decision-making. 

Marketers and analysts — the good ones, at least — are scientists. 

By this, I mean they’re people who never go off of feel. They do the exact opposite, in fact. 

A good marketer would never explain his actions by telling you, “it just feels right.” 

An accountant who manages your books by “feel” is going to win you a hefty tax penalty (if not worse). 

A good marketer, accountant or numbers analyst is all about the data: the raw, hard, black-and-white facts. 

No emotions. No need for intuition. Just “show me the numbers.” 

All decisions come from there. 

Everything they do can be explained by the numbers. Without the numbers, a smart marketer does nothing — except go and find a way to get some numbers on which to gage his actions. 

A smart marketer takes an artists’ creation and figures out a way to sell it systematically. 

Any accountant worth their fees can explain to you, with facts, why your business is doing well or is about to go broke. 

An advertising analyst doesn’t care how well-designed your logo is if there aren’t enough customers clicking on it every day. 

Every great enterprise need both artists and scientists. 

Intuitive, you-can’t-teach-that creativity mixed with emotionless, show-me-the-data analysis. 

Making something that has life in it, combined with a process for getting that art into the right places. 

Most of us tend to lean one way or the other in different areas. 

As an athlete I was more science. In business, I lean towards art. 

You don’t have to “fix” your leanings. You must first be aware of them. Then take actions to balance them out. 

Great art with no science can work sometimes — it can also breed the Starving Artist. Creation and distribution and independent skills. 

Smart science with no art will be seen, but not watched; heard but not listened to. There’s no life in it. It snatches a few moments of our attention but doesn’t hold it for long. It’s annoying. 

Bring ideas to life. Then systemize them. 

For the artists, creating and implementing a system is a matter of discipline. So, start the 30 Days To Discipline course here now: 

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