The Awkward Elevator…

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I was on the elevator a few days ago. 

I was alone at first, then one guy got on. 

The next floor, a woman joined us. 

There were three of us now. 

It was quiet. 

Then another woman got on. 

“How’s everybody doing?” She asked as the door closed. 

Though it was a question, she wasn’t really asking. 

I know this because of what she said next. 

“I just wanted to break the ice because elevators are the worst place in the world. They’re so awkward… I hate it.” 

I chuckled. 

She’d said this in a kind-of tongue-in-cheek way, but not really. Though she was smiling meekly, I could tell that she meant it. 

Her body language — water bottle up close to her face, eyes cast downward as she talked, fake “flight attendant” smile — revealed high levels of discomfort.  

At least she was honest. 

You don’t have to feel nervous or awkward around people — even in tightly enclosed spaces like elevators. 

Especially in elevators, where you can learn a lot by observing people who can’t flee the scene. 

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