The Basketball Tournament 2015: $1 Million Prize (and $50k To YOU)

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Really. I’ll explain.

vote for WOYG in TBT dre baldwin

Some of you may remember me being involved with The Basketball Tournament last summer: It was a open-entry $500,000 basketball tournament that was held in Philadelphia. Anyone could enter (as long as they had enough players & fan votes) and the winning team got a check for $500,000.
Last year I put out a call for you all to vote for our team and you responded — we were #1 the day after that call went out. Then, my players kept changing their minds, backing out, and at the roster deadline last summer, my team was short on both votes and players.

That will NOT happen this year.

TBT is back, this time with a doubled grand prize of $1 million, games on ESPN, and even more teams: a 96-team tournament with regionals in Philly, Chicago, Atlanta and L.A. I have commitments from players whom you’ll be seeing and hearing about on my social networks (Twitter | Facebook | Instagram). My team will be in TBT this year (playing in the Philadelphia regional July 17-19) and, even better — the fans of our team get money this time around.

vote for WOYG in TBT dre baldwin
You read that right. The winning team of TBT — and my team is playing to win — gets $1 Million: $950,000 split amongst players and coaches, and $50k split amongst the Top 92 Fans, ranging from $250-$5,000. Each.

What You Should know:

So there you have it. YOU get money for supporting our team this year, and this is going to be a lot of fun. Go vote for the team right now and stay tuned.

Questions? Quickest way to get answers is Twitter, and comments on YouTube.

vote for WOYG in TBT dre baldwin