The Battle Of Sight and Vision…

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Sight is what’s real, it’s what we can see with our eyes. 

What we call “reality” is our perception of things we can see and touch. 

Vision is what we can’t see with our eyes; it exists only in our minds. Vision is intangible. 

You can’t show someone something that doesn’t exist. That’s why people who are vision-driven are sometimes referred to as “unrealistic” by those who are sight-driven.  

Sometimes the sight-driven are right: the visionary’s vision never becomes tangible. The dream is never realized. 

When the sight-driven are wrong, though, they’re BIG wrong. These are where we get the no-one-believed-in-me stories. 

The challenge with being vision-driven is that its bright light blinds you to what’s right there in front of you. And if you fail chasing a vision, you fail BIG. You look like a fool in retrospect. 

Visionaries become heroes when they win; they’re ridiculed and forgotten when they lose. Visionaries run and leap forward when things are working for them. 

The problem with being sight-driven, is that it fixes you in one place: you never do anything that’s not based on things you can see and touch. If it’s not “real,” you don’t entertain it. 

Sight-driven people do progress, but slowly: they have to see it before they do it. They don’t run or leap; they walk. 

Ideally, we’d all be perfectly calibrated to know when to follow our sight and when to let vision take over, and switch between them seamlessly. 

But it doesn’t work this way. 

If it’s hard to see in yourself, look at the people you know. Most of them are predominantly — or frustratingly, if they’re the opposite of you — one or the other. 

The next person to figure out the “correct” blend of sight and vision will be the first. 

Accept your human imperfection. 

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